2014 SG Ball trial team seeking nominations

An opportunity is on offer for players to gain selection in the 2014 SG Ball squad. In a first for the pirates, nominations are being asked for to fill a side to play against the SG Ball squad on Saturday the 18th of January.

The trial has been introduced to provide an opportunity for local and interstate players to trial that were either unavailable or unaware of the SG Ball open trials back in September. This trial will also provide a match for the current squad members along with providing competition for positions that will keep current squad members honest.

In previous seasons players such as Louie David (2011) and Halvor Harris (2012) both came into the SG Ball squad after missing the open trial. Both players went onto play SG Ball, with Louie being named best back for the 2011 season and Halvor best forward in the 2012 season.

Interested trialists will need to complete the below nomination form and return by 5pm Friday the 10th of January. Due to the limited positions available each nominee will be advised on the success of their application by Wednesday the 15th of January.

West coast pirates SG BALL JANUARY trial application form