2022 Combined Affiliated States U18’s Schoolboys Announcement

Before State Of Origin Game 2 in Perth, another game took place to pick the CAS U18s team which would be taken to Queensland to represent the Affiliated States in the U18s Schoolboys National Championships, starting this weekend.

It was 34 players picked from Western Australia, Victoria, Northern Territory & South Australia who took part in this game, for the right to vie for Australian Schoolboys Honours.

For the full list of the CAS players selected please click here

We would like to congratulate all the boys who took part in this fixture, and announce those players who were successful in making the final 20 man squad. Those players from WA were –

Jarom Chapman – Butler College – North Beach Sea Eagles
Julius Anderson-Hiroti – Butler College – North Beach Sea Eagles
Ryan Woolley – Churchland SHS –
North Beach Sea Eagles

We also want to congratulate the players who took part in the origin curtain raiser, and while not successful this time, we all know there is more in store for all of you.

PJ Fraser – Rockingham Sharks
Neihana Coley –
Rockingham Sharks
Taiatini Huriwai-Brown –
Rockingham Sharks
Latrelle Chase – North Beach Sea Eagles
Keighton Te Moananui – Joondalup Giants

We also want to thank and congratulate those member of our NRL WA community who were involved in the fixture itself and I’m sure took lots away from the experience –
Gus Marshall – Joondalup Giants – Pathways Management
Bowman Stein – North Beach Sea Eagles – Strength & Conditioning Coach
Nic Rolle – Ellenbrook Rabbitohs – Assistant Coach
Carl Boffey – Southwest Dolphins – Assistant Coach
Jack McGrath – Fremantle Roosters – Physiotherapist
Geoff Woolley – North Beach Sea Eagles – Sports Trainer

NRL WA is very proud of everyone involved!