2022 JSC – U13 Girls Wrap

After 3 furious days of representative rugby league in WA our Junior State Championships finally came to an end on the 2nd of October with our finals in the U13s Boys, U13s Girls and U15s Boys.

While we know the results, we thought a nice wrap of the teams was appropriate for our amazing junior teams who went toe to toe over the three days.

We will now be doing the U13 Girls competition.

1st – Northern Fusion
While the Southern Pride U13 Boys side were extremely dominant in their execution, they did receive a slight scare in the first half of the final. The Northern Fusion U13 girls had the result never in doubt. Coached by Anneka Stephens, they were ultra dominant from start to finish in this division and have all the talent and skill you could ask for. With pace aplenty and the abilty to score and stop tries at will, they are the deserved winners of this division without reservation. A monster team, with total class and talent coming from everywhere, we hope these young ladies stay in the game for a long time to come.

Its hard to pinpoint only a couple of players from the Fusion side, as they all came to play and played their roles to perfection. Young Kobie Atarau was amazing at dummy half, while Kylah-Rae Tuheke Kupa and Palace Koia showed their pedigree and dismantled teams at will. When you add in class players like Capri Beazley and Kaiya Puki and Ateca Ravatudei, then you begin to understand why the Fusion won every game by a staggering 40 points at least. A mammoth team to face, the other teams showed great courage and everyone great sportsmanship. The Fusion worthy winners.

2nd – South West Dolphins
Coached by Anthea Tau, it was a great effort to get these girls over the line to participate and was amazing to have them. And they came to play in a huge way. Even in the face of the big Fusion team, their free running style and ability to shake a tackle was a key to their side, with some amazing power runners. While they didn’t make the Fusion team sweat too much, they never gave up and continued to turn up in defence and with the ball in a strong effort in the final, after playing the semi final the same day.

Again, we are proud of all the girls who took part in our competition, but from the Dolphins there were some amazing stand outs as well. Azalea Te Moananui showed an amazing above average football IQ, while Mere Haerewa was turning heads with her powerful running performances. But showing some real swagger about her work was young Hinewai Thomas, who showed some amazing fast paced ability, with and without the ball.

3rd – Southern Pride
And lucky last but certainly not least are the Southern Pride girls who rounded out the competition. We are very proud of the Pride girls and they never stopped trying and had smiles on their faces the whole time. Providing entertainment for the NRL WA staff while watching the games, the Pride girls played with great spirit, and improved every game they played, primarily their defensive efforts turning heads. Coached by Patrick Henare, they pulled together in a hurry as well, and added huge value to this year Junior State Championships.

Huge mention first to young Zara Le Cerf, who came down from Karratha Junior Rugby League to participate and showed she can definitely play with the girls from Perth, while the Prior twins, Isabella and Emmilea, were involved in everything with their communication, speed and leadership skills coming to the fore. But with a flash of red hair in the wind, Lyra Senkeldam was the pick of the side, with her defensive efforts impressing all on lookers. She constantly took on the other teams, with and without the ball, without an ounce of fear.

NRL WA congratulates all the young ladies who participated and hope more young ladies try their hand at rugby league.