2022 NRL WA Season Review – Mandurah Storm

And now we move on to the most southern and last of our Metro Perth teams, the Mandurah Storm!

Home Ground – Ocean Road Reserve, Dawseville

2022 Seniors – Val Murphy Trophy

Highlights – 2021 was a milestone year for the mighty Mandurah Storm as they won their first game ever in the senior grade, and were competitive for a large portion, and they went from strength to strength in 2022, winning some games and coming up with a hard fought draw against a good Joondalup side up at Admiral.

In a wierd way, 2022 was a big change once again for the Mandurah Val Murphy Trophy side. Alot of the older crew had retired or moved on, and it was a bunch of youngsters holding the fort for the Storm in 2022. With that youthful outlook, they burst out of the blocks in most games with strong first half performances, often surprising teams with their enthusiasm and willingness to take risks. But much like the course of their season, the longer the games went on the better other teams got and most teams pulled away from the young Storm outfit.

Players To Watch – With some good young and upcoming talent on display, Kane Briggs and Unawin Clarke are both interesting prospects. Briggs was a soccer player until a couple of years ago, but his blend of speed and balance have turned him into an above average hooker. Explosive out of dummy half, and with willingness to mix it in defence in the middle of the field have allowed him to excel. “Uni” just screams natural talent. Weighing almost nothing, he spins and fights and finds gaps in defensive lines that don’t exist, and is incredibly fast. Two great young talents here in WA.

Highlights – 
While there were no competition age groups this season at the Storm, they still fight on with trying to grow their juniors. Fielding some of the very young age groups, the need to continue to develop and grow their youngsters while continuing to fight for new players. With a small band of volunteers, they need to continue to work hard to get more players into the club.

And that’s a wrap of the on field stuff with the Mandurah Storm for 2022, and we look forward to a bigger and better year in 2023 from them as our southern Perth Metro Outpost