2022 NRL WA Season Review – Willagee Bears

And we continue our quest as we head south, and just off the Leach Highway, we find the Willagee Bears coming out of hibernation.

Home Ground – Webber Reserve, Willagee

2022 Seniors – Val Murphy Trophy

Highlights – It has been a tough few years for the Willagee Bears, but they are finally finding their feet once again. While they lost their women’s sides in 2022 (after struggling for a few years), they bounced back into the Val Murphy Trophy competition with a spring in their step as they just missed out on a finals birth

In a big competition as the VMT was, the Bears took a while to find their stride. Looking inconsistent and for a better word, wild, to begin the season, they ended up going on a huge run to end the year and were one of the form teams late in the competition, and I’m sure a few teams were happy they didn’t make the final 4. With a combination of big forwards and fast skilful backs they played an open style which was amazing to watch.

Players To Watch – There are a few players in the Willagee Bears side capable of stepping into the premiership ranks. Tremayne Kamso is one such. A brilliant hooker, with great acceleration and speed, if your markers are not paying attention he can make you pay. With Luke Pollock also in the lineup, the Bears fancy themselves in most of their games. Pollock is a great ball running back rower, who can ball play and be a half if needed, but its his leadership abilities that set him apart.

2022 Juniors – 13s Boys
Highlights – 
The Bears only had the one competition age group last year, but they also had a bunch of their junior girls play under the South Perth Lions banner. Hopefully they are able to continue to bring through their younger ages and build themselves back up to their former glory.

The 13’s Boys from Willagee were the main danger to the Roosters title hopes and pushed them all the way in both the semi final and grand final matches. Led by Elias Tsakalos and the dangerous Legend Koro-Hikawera, they could score from anywhere and defended their tails off. The scary part, is that a huge portion of their side is only 12 years old, meaning they will be heavy favourites for the 13s boys this year.

Players To Watch
U13 Boys – Blaise Stewart Not taking anything away from the two names mentioned above, but the diminutive Stewart deserves this mention and more. Only young and not big at all, this gutsy little ball player has no issues taking hard runs right into the teeth of the defence. With good footwork, balance and game awareness he always seems to be around the ball. Tougher and stronger than his frame gives him credit for, it’ll be a sight when he grows into the young man he is to become.

And that’s a wrap of the on field stuff with the Willagee Bears for 2022, and we look forward to a bigger and better year in 2023 from the club that just celebrated its 60th year!

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