2024 Mens ANZAC Teams Ready To Rumble

NRL WA is proud to announce the team lists for the Men’s ANZAC Challenge.

The ANZAC game has been going for over 20 years and with it back on ANZAC week it is a fixture with a lot of meaning. We have seen some stunning games in this fixtures, with both sides sharing the spoils over the years.

Men’s – 5:25pm

Perth City   Perth Kiwi
Bailey Millar 1 Corban Daniels
Travis Haney 2 Dylan Davis
Ben Wells-Talamaivao 3 Kani Solomon
Luke Turner 4 Roydon Gillett
Luke McDermott 5 Tyran Davis
Robbie Smith 6 Korey Craig
Darius Rogers 7 Harry Debique
James Green 8 Julian Wilson-Wylie
River Colman 9 Corey Broughton
Brody Whitehead 10 Zien Carruth
Mackenzie Martin 11 Ezra Taomia
Zac McEntrye 12 Tyler Moeau
Jesse Day 13 Duane Butler
Ted Shand 14 Tyson Lewis
Shane Harding 15 Dean Morgan
Austin Cameron 16 Lesi Fai
Brandon Wright 17 Rangiwananga Kingi
Luke David Wells-Talamaivao 18 Jaydon Solomon
Connor Favell 19 James Blake
TBC 20 Delane Edwards
Ryan Foster Coach Paul Abercrombie