ANZAC Challenge Womens Tackle Squads Named

Congratulation to the Players Selected to participate in the 2017 NRL WA ANZAC Challenge being played at Dorrien Gardens on Saturday 29th April.

All players MUST confirm their selection by calling NRL WA Administration  prior to assembling for training at Ken Allen Field, Hilton by 6.15pm Wednesday 26th April.

Perth City

Melissa Thomas, Gabrielle Mouat, Layna Nona-Busch, Shelby Humphries, Mariah Bell, Lauren Lambert,  Xanthe Gray, Danielle Parker, Lani Querro, Grace Gayton, Maddison Bennett, Cheyenne Campbell, Hayley Carstairs, Taimani Finau-Marshall, Sabreena Duffy, Kirsty Terrell, Ebony Maree, .Jesika Bussey, Kate Eades

Perth Kiwi

Bobbie-Lee Barker, Caitlin Miller, Potiki Cooper-Rae, Cara Lucky, Mahina A Rangi Clair, Kalani Kahu, Juraea Turner, Nadia Smith,, Martha Paul, Chanelle Edwards, Danyel Davan, Ma Rungarunga, Kaliway Hamlin, Terehia Cooper, Olivia Strandly, Macey Simpkins, Michaela Turner-Wallace, Donna Huinga, Mary Makai