AWSOM Donations Achieved


2019 NRL WA Harmony Cup Community Connect Partner AWSOM (Australian Water Safety on the Mekong) project are proud to announce that thanks to the fantastic generosity of people attending the Harmony Cup last weekend, we have managed to raise $1,834.25. We would like to thank all of the players, spectators, family and friends for donating throughout the weekend and we can assure everyone that the donations are going to a fantastic cause.

Drowning is a leading cause of death in low and middle income regions of Asia. For the AWSOM Project to teach one child how to swim in Vietnam it costs $60.00. This means the total donation will fund 30 children to have swimming lessons – potentially saving 30 lives!

On behalf of the AWSOM Project, we would like to thank all of our communities for donating these well needed funds!


32 children a day die from drowning in Vietnam.

The AWSOM Project has been started to assist the mission of providing swimming knowledge and experience to the Vietnamese people, to try and help reduce the drowning rates in the country.
For more information please visit the below website
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