Bears Sink The Sharks

By Simon Escott

The Willagee Bears brought the fury against home side the Rockingham Sharks in front of an enthusiastic crowd at Franklin Offshore Sporting Complex on Saturday, running out 30-22 winners.

The air was crisp as the Bears faced off against the eager Sharks, controlling the ball early and pushing forward looking for the first score eager for a win.

They weren’t quite able to put good intentions onto the scoreboard as Taniel Moa put the first try on the board for the Sharks w,ith an excellent conversion from second rower Ryan Wilson, to set the score at 6-0.

Within moments the Bears proved they had what it took equalising the scores as Jordan Pereira clasped a tight fly ball rushing forward placing the ball beneath the posts for an easily converted try by Shaun Cooper.

The field was very evenly matched as both teams clawed for the ball into the seventeenth minute with Sharks Julian Wilson claiming the ball on the wing, after a good run from Moses Tuavoa, with an unconverted try leaving the scores 10-6.

After great deliberation and fierce contact the Bears hooker Jarrad Smith placed the ball by the post converting his own try pulling the Bears ahead in the last ten minutes of the first half.

The Sharks replied viciously moving double time on ykr field, the winter rain persuaded to release the sun for Moa as he took a ‘good run’ on the wing placing the ball behind the try line line just shy of the dead ball line.

Still needing the win Bears’ Kyle Murray grabbed the ball on the wing reeling away from the pack to place the ball in the middle of the posts with Smith kicking it right through the middle, with the scores 16-18 going into halftime.

The Sharks came out feeding in the second half with Keelyn Tuuta-Edwards proving he had what it took to take a run on the wing scoring his first try for the match, 22-18.

Not taking this laying down the Bears returned with Jarek Goebel running through the pack after a sneaky pass from team-mate Murray, which landed on his chest before placing the ball between the posts, with Smith getting his third conversion, 22-24.

The Bears were playing a strong off ball offensive on the Sharks as number ten Anthony Fox was sin binned for an off-ball clash with Sharks’ Wilson.

Rhys Peakman proved he was still in form clasping the ball in a turn-over, pulling away from the pack with a bone crunching palm, leaving Smith to place the ball in the middle of the posts, leaving the scores 22-30 going into full time.

As the sun was setting in the west the Bears coach Mark Bilsborough stated that “they needed to hold onto the ball a bit more, have a few more completions, but all in all glad we could pull away with a win…and if we can stick a few more wins together and get a bit more consistent i think we will go alright.”