Debique and Sheppard Prove Deadly

South Perth faced off against Willagee this afternoon at George Burnett park defeating the visiting side 32-24.

 Dean Sheppard and Harry Debique proving to be a deadly duo against Willagee today; Sheppard scoring three tries and Debique scoring three and three conversions.

Sheppard scored the first try of the match and it was quickly answered as Edward Paleli of Willagee scored an equalizer earlier on the first half, with neither side converting either attempt.

Debique not ready to give up scored his first try pulling South Perth into the lead fifteen minutes into the first half.

Both teams were pushing, reeling forward, possession after possession they didn’t let their guard down as Jordan Pereira and Tane Peakman scoring back to back tries for Willagee and Shaun Coopers conversion equaled the scores into half time.

South Perth came out strong in the second half with Sheppard scoring his second try and Debique converting the try pushing the scores apart 18-14 early in the second half.

Quickly followed by Sheppard’s third try and Debique’s second conversion score; the deadly duo worked magically together as the air on the field was electric as South Perth further widened the divide.

This not proving fatal enough for Willagee the team answered strongly with Peakman scoring his second try and Coopers second converted score; superhuman strength saw Peakman and cooper control the ball looking to close the South Perth teams stronghold.

However, Debique was not about to roll over on his previous attempts at stretching the score out answering with his third try and conversion of the match pushing the scores apart to 32-20.

A scuffle ensued after a scrum with Mike Grey sin binned for ten minutes leading to Pereira’s second try for Willagee bringing the scores to 32-24 at full time.

South Perth’s Sheppard and Debique proving a fatal blow against Willagee however, Willagee’s Tane Peakman also being a player to watch over the season.