Dolphins Under 15’s POD Announcement

The Consolidated Energy South West Dolphins are Proud to Announce the under 15’s pod for 2021.

This team will now start to prepare for the NRL WA/ SSWA Junior State League Championships hosted by the Southern Pride at Webber Reserve, Willagee April 9th – 12th.

Head Coach Richie Sobels requests all players to attend training on Wednesday 17th March from 5.00pm – 6.00pm at Thomas Oval, Medina

All players are asked to bring their own water bottle along with a healthy snack for post training nutritional benefits

Congratulations to the below players

Jermaine Burgoyne – Autagavaia, Trey Emery, Sonny Faust, Tamarau Haimona, Kyaire Huirama, Haimona Huriwai, Kahao Huriwai-Brown, Vann Jager, Layndyn Johnston, Haka Lake, Thomas Leeder, Jovahn Leef , William Lomano, Mikaere Mansel Morrison, Majah Peachy, Quintin Reichardt, Stacie Reweti, Cody Salmon, Kyro Tepuia. Rihare Te Rauna, Taniela Te Rauna, Taitoa Te Rauna, Aaiden Vaiese, Logan Vaiese, Kylan Vandervoet

For more details please contact

South West Dolphins Regional Coordinator – Ru Davis at or 0416 051 971

South West Dolphins under 15’s

  • Head Coach – Richie Sobels at  or 0423 414 306
  • Team Manager – Joselyn Huriwai at