Female Spring Tackle Series Game Day Information – Grand Finals

The All Flags Signs & Banners Female Spring Tackle Series Grand Finals Day Information.

All Players, Coaches and Volunteers MUST register online at PlayNRL.com before participating in this series.




Saturday 9th December 2017 Ground Manager:

Ken Allen Field, Hilton
Under 14’s 9.40am Field 1 Fremantle Roosters v Rockingham Sharks
Under 14’s 10.40am Field 1 South Perth Lions v Alkimos Tigers
Under 14’s Presentations 11.30am
Under 17’s 12.15pm Field 1 Fremantle Roosters v North Beach Sea Eagles
Under 17’s Presentations 1.25pm
Women’s 1.40pm Field 1 South Perth Lions v Willagee Bears
Women’s 2.50pm Field 1 Joondalup Giants v Ellenbrook Rabbitohs
Women’s Presentations 4.00pm


Female Tackle Series  – Question about Dispensation:


Over the course of the first 3 rounds a number teams have been asking the question about  player  dispensation for various reasons, please let me make this very clear, dispensation is given to players on a case by case basis and the process is that the Club/Team/Player requesting dispensation, would get the team manager or  coach to send an email to NRL WA stating the players full name, their date of birth, the reason why they are seeking dispensation, from there NRL WA will review the request and reply back via email to if it has been approved or denied.  Please note this information is confidential and should not be shared to the general public.


If a player has not completed this process and received a reply email from NRL WA, then they will be in Breach of the Rules and this WILL result in their team being stripped of Competition points and/or the Club be hit with a fine, so please I urge all teams to review the registered players list and follow the correct process before the start of round 3 this weekend.


                              Player Age Requirements

·        Under 14’s – Players in this age group should be as a minimum turning 12yrs old this year (born 2005), the maximum would be that they are 14yrs old this year (born 2003), but cannot be turning 15yrs old this year (born 2002).

·        Under 17’s – Players in this age group should be as a minimum turning 15yrs old this year (born 2002), the maximum would be that they are 17yrs old this year (born 2000), but cannot be turning 18yrs old this year (born 1999).

·        Women’s – Players must have turned 17yrs old, and the maximum would be they cannot be 65yrs and over.

·        All players are to play their correct age group, if they wish to play up a grade and they meet the correct age requirement, they are welcome to do so on game day.

·        Can I please urge all teams to review their players ages, to make sure they are in the correct grade.