Female Tackle Competitions Announcement

The Competition that was proposed to start this week unfortunately will not take place.

The Reasons –

  • Based on the Team numbers Under 19’s and Under 14’s did not have enough Teams to create a competition.
  • For the Under 16’s some clubs would prefer Friday and other clubs would prefer Sunday and this means we cannot produce a draw that meet everyone’s needs.
  • Other issues were the fact that current coaches are already coaching other teams in the current season. This meant they could not give the support needed if teams had to travel away from their clubs to play another separate draw.
  • Also the targeted competitions were aimed at generating greater opportunity for Females to play our game, clubs had pointed out that we would have a better chance of achieving this if it was outside the current season.


Where do we go from here –


  • NRL WA will be hosting a forum focused on Female Pathways and Participation to gain a better understanding prior to the planned Female Tackle Series for Under 14’s, Under 16’s, Under 19’s & Open Women’s 2017 Spring/Summer Tackle Series. The proposed date for this forum is Monday Night the 31st of July at this stage the venue is TBA.  (6.30pm – 8.00pm (estimated time of meeting)
  • Between now and the 31st July could we please ask clubs to appoint a Female  Participation Liaison Person, this person will be an additional resource at the club where all Female participant information is sent (in addition to the usual email contacts). This person would be connected to Junior and Senior Teams at the Club and would keep the Club committee and the players up to date with all relevant information.
  • The forum will discuss all grades so we would welcome 4 to 5 representatives from each Club, though one of these people must be the Club’s Female Participation Liaison Person. Please confirm in writing (via email) the name of your Female Participation Liaison Person and how many other representatives would be attending this forum.
  • The Spring/Summer Series would be a 6 – 8 week program though this will depend on the number of Teams we have in each grade.
  • In 2018 we are proposing to have the Under 14’s Girls (9 a side Teams) join the Junior Competition and will be played on Sundays. The Under 16’s will more to Under 17’s and there is talk to have a full season that will be played on Friday nights, these games could be part of a double header with the Open Women’s Teams or with the Under 18’s Boys.


We look forward to working with everyone that is passionate in bringing Female Rugby League to a new point in WA.