Hard work pays off for ANZAC Pirates

Credit: Tom Campbell

West Coast Pirates SG Ball Cup Coach Daniel Manning says he’s pleased to see his players’ hard work pay off with 17 Pirates chosen for representative honours for this weekend’s ANZAC Challenge.

Aidan Carstairs, Billy Judge, Brenton Scott, Jack Holt, Jaiden Wilkinson, Jonathan Clark, Taine Boelen and Will Smith will represent Perth City Under 18’s, while captain Ollie Callan was also named in the original squad.

Callan will be unable to take the field, however, after being handed a three-game suspension for a dangerous tackle while playing for the Joondalup Giants on the weekend, meaning he will miss out on the chance to play alongside his brother Luke who was also named.

Their ANZAC opponents have a strong Pirates flavour too, with Ace Maki, Daniel Potaka, Deijaan Healey-Marsh, Devontay Tutai-Tauti, Xavier Vettori-Lum, Rangi Teirney and Yuri Taipeti lining up for the Kiwis.

“Their hard work in the summer playing SG Ball has paid off,” Manning said.

Having played with each other for the majority of the year, the City and Kiwi Pirates are facing the prospect of playing against each other.

“It’s going to be different playing against their teammates,” Manning said.

“It’s a bit like State of Origin.”

The game acts as a trial for the 20-man Under 18’s WA State Team who will travel to Brisbane for the Combined Affiliated States Championships between June 6-10.

“They’re fighting for their spot to get into that State Team – I hope it really takes them to the next level with their rugby league,” Manning said.

“Hopefully they’ll go to Brisbane and take that trophy back.”

Another Pirate involved on the day will be halfback Leighmon Hohaia Katene who has been named on the bench for the Kiwis Senior Men’s side.

“I think it’s a great honour for him to not play Under 18’s and actually make the Men’s team,” Manning said.

“He should be jumping for joy – I know I am being his coach for the SG Ball team.”

“It’s great to see boys go to the next level.”

The game kicks off at 2.30pm at Dorrien Gardens on Saturday and is one of four games to be played on the day.


  • Women’s League Tag – 1.15pm, Saturday 28th April.
  • Under 18’s – 2.30pm, Saturday 28th April.
  • Senior Women’s – 4.00pm, Saturday 28th April.
  • Senior Men’s – 6.00pm, Saturday 28th April.

Tickets cost $10 and can be purchased at the gate.*

* Defence Force, Pensioners and kids under the age of 16 are free.

Team Lists:

Perth City – 1. Billy Judge, 2. Johnathan Clark, 3. Ethan A Gudiri, 4. Beau Constable, 5. Brenton Scott, 6. Jack Holt, 7. Alex Harmer, 8. Aiden Carstairs, 9. Tremayne Kamso, 10. Michael Collins-Davis, 11. Austin Cameron, 12. Willem Smith, 13. Jaiden Wilkinson, 14. Ronan Storrar, 15. Daniel Nash, 16. Luke Callan, 17. Bailey Sheridan, 18. Brody Ghilchrist

Perth Kiwis – 1. Ace Maki, 2. Murray Kopa, 3. Yuri Taipeti, 4. Devontay Tutai Tauiti, 5. Jaden Tuhakaraina, 6. Rangitukia (Tamaho) Teirney, 7. Kyran Namana, 8. Xavier Vettori-Lum, 9. Trinity Wikaira-Miller, 10. Oneal Pomare-Hamlin, 11. Deijaan Healey Marsh, 12. Jared Utia, 13. Daniel Potaka, 14. Manuel Haimona, 15. Timote Lelea Fotu, 16. Solomon Longi, 17. Dennis Marsters, 18. Petara Wainohu