Harmony Cup 6 – Food Vendor Information

Please see the attached information for the community food stalls.

FOOD STALLS WILL BE CHARGED $400 for the weekend, regardless of how many days you want to be active (Friday Night, Saturday, Sunday).

Now please see the following steps for selection of the food stalls at this year’s Harmony Cup.

We will only be allowing a maximum number of stalls, and will be weighed on their own merits. So please hurry, as you must get in applications ASAP with the City of Rockingham as well.

Just because you have been given a stall in the past does not mean you will be given as stall again this year.

Apologies for the timeline.

  1. Read the food stallholder permit guidelines here
  2. You must fill out the attached application completely and correctly here or below –
  3. You must be affiliated and support/be supported by a community that is participating at Harmony Cup #6.
    • This will be checked with that community and team.
  4. Must get full approval from NRL WA FIRST – So please send through to us your application to creedy@nrl.com.au
  5. Must then get full approval from City of Rockingham
  6. Try our best to not cross menus with another of the other food stalls, obviously first in best dressed.
  7. Must align with our Fuel To Go & Play Partners and offer healthy options. Will be expected to contact FTG&P and consult on the menu.
  8. You will be required not to sell the same as the Rockingham Sharks offerings.

If you have any questions please let me know on creedy@nrl.com.au or call me on 0408 327 050

Kind Regards,

Caleb Reedy