Harmony Cup 6 – Venue & Information

Yep its getting closer and closer.
Almost 2 months away. See below for information you have been looking for –

Venue – Lark Hill Sportsplex, Port Kennedy

Home of the Rockingham Sharks, who will be official partners for the carnival. They are experienced at holding the event having done so many times in the past. It also allows us to activate fields and facilities much easier than at other venues an we are excited to hold it back at Lark Hill.
In the future we will again be exploring other venues.

Nomination Form
2022 Oct Harmony 9’s Team Nomination Form

All teams must submit a filed out nomination form along with providing the nomination fee to lock in a spot.
Please do this as soon as possible so we can start on a draw for the weekend.

Tournament Handbook – Version 1
NRL WA 2022 Oct Harmony Cup 9s Competition Handbook Version 1

All communities, teams and participants need to read and understand the rules.
ELIGIBILITY – Will be much harder this year. If there is a query with some of your players, they will be asked to prove their eligibility to a community or team, and if this is not adhered to, players, teams or communities can be excluded. 

Harmony Cup is a chance for players of the same heritage to represent that heritage with others of the same.
It is not an opportunity to stack a team, or play with guys you want to play with.

If you are a player without a community, or a community who does not have the player base to field a full side, you can email creedy@nrl.com.au

Any other questions or queries please let me know on creedy@nrl.com.au