Harmony Cup 6 – Women’s Team Of The Tournament

Te Puru Women’s won their first title in Harmony Cup 6, in a competition which was touch and go for alot of the female sides.
From Indigenous Australians to Western Fijian Civa, teams competed for their heritage and pride in their jersey and the community.

And although there were many players who could be picked in both sides from all the Women’s 10 teams and almost 30 games,the votes and opinions have been tallied and would like to present the NRL WA Harmony Cup 6 Men’s team of the tournament.

The Women’s side, is a testament to not just speed and devastating try scorers, but the women who allow the speed women to make it all happen, along with the ability to keep your head when the games are on the line. Only 1 member of this side has made the team before, which goes to show just how strong the competition is, especially to only pick 10 people.

  1. Ariana Hira-Herangi – Captain – Te Puru – Maori
    Probably the first name on every selectors list, Hira-Herangi just oozes class. She is fast. Strong. Fit. And a completely dominating presence on the field. Her skill set and ability to run around, through or beat players with footwork is amazing. And she isn’t just a fitness fanatic either. Her understanding of the game and ability to use flair and ball movement to win games is also at the forefront of her games. A massive play maker in the women’s competition, Ariana wouldn’t look out of place in an NRL W jersey.
  2. Aliyah Grey – Pikiao Warriors – Maori
    The question from most people was when would Aliyah Grey go from “prodigious talent” to “great player”. And on the weekend at Harmony Cup she took big strides in that direction. Along with Shiane Kani, she was a focal point and dominant force in the front line for the black and whites. Taking tough carries and skittling defenders in every game, Grey led from the front in their games and put herself at the forefront of some of her smaller team mates as she played the role of enforcer.
  3. Zion Taurima – Pikiao Warriors – Maori
    A bit of a forgotten name in the last couple years as she became a mother for the first time. Zion came back with a vengance in this harmony cup, showing that she had lost none of her trademark speed and she burnt opponents for fun, with her trademark show and go at the line. When breaking through opposition defences it was music to the Pikiao ears as she streaked away from multiple defenders on her way to a massive trying scoring performance. Welcome back Zion.
  4. Crystal Walters – Te Puru – Maori
    While injury will wash the shine off this Harmony Cup for her, she was an ace for Te Puru in the lead up. Her trademark acceleration, especially around the middle of the ruck absolutely destroyed teams on their way to the grand final, and while not the biggest player on the field, her defensive work was second to none. A rare combination of speed, skill and power through the ground, Walters makes nine a side rugby league look easy, and we hope she is back soon.
  5. Juraea Turner – Te Puru – Maori
    Sometimes one of the underappreciated players in our game, Turner stamped herself as someone who can still get it done, even in the nine a side format. Along with Mahinarangi Clair, Turner is still one of the pure rugby league talents in our game. Whats incredible is it seems like she has been around forever, and in reality she is still a baby at the age of 22 and some of her best rugby league is ahead of her. This also leads to the true statement that she has not reached her potential and can still go to another level. Already a devastating ball runner and defender it begs the question of how scary could she become?
  6. Fipe Moli – Western Fijian Civa – Fiji
    The ladies from Western Fijian Civa are some of the nicest down to earth humans you will ever meet. With massive smiles they light up every conversation and are a joy to be around. Then on the rugby league field they are downright scary. Moli is in that mould. A devastating ball runner who it sometimes looks like is deliberately running at players, she is actually faster than she looks, which puts off defenders when trying to tackle her. Along with Sera Ravatudei, they were the gun players for the Civa over the weekend.
  7. Dallys Tini – Hawaiki Roa – Maori
    Another player who has come back to the fold from motherhood, Dallys is ultra talented. Possessing anything you could ask for in a rugby league player, she has a passing and kicking game that could put some men’s halfbacks to shame. Slowly building her confidence back, she can still take the line on and kick in the afterburners when it calls for it. Strong and smart, she always presents a danger with and without the ball as she is capable of a bone rattling hit.
  8. Anahera Te Rahui – Hawaiki Roa – Maori
    Te Rahui is an enigma. Fast and possessing great footwork, you’d think she’d enjoy the open field and being out wide in a rugby league contest. You could not be more wrong. A hooker, lock or inside half, Anahera loves mixing it up in the middle of the field with the power players, and you’d be surprised about the diminutive players tackling tenacity. A brawler, who is only ever seen with a half smile, is an assassin in defence, taking players out before they even knew what happened.
  9. Tiana Graham – Pikiao Warriors – Maori – 2nd Selection
    Our final selection in this side, and beats out some serious competition, especially in the form of her own captain Amiria Clark-Manahi. Graham isn’t the most consistent player in the game. But it is her ability to produce those special moments. In those times you need a boost or a try to get your team back in the piece that set her apart. Time and again, nothing will be on, and she will produce a kick and chance, a dummy and go, an ankle breaking step, and pull her side back from the brink.

Coach – Onisimo Gukisuva – Western Fijian Civa – Fiji
Pulling together a new team is never easy. But coaching one full of players who have not player rugby league or even thought about it before is another altogether. And Gukisuva took it all in his stride on the weekend. Showing a calm and decisive demeanor, he kept the ladies thoughts on the job in what is a difficult carnival, and they went within a whisker of sending tournament favourites Te Puru home in their semi final clash. An amazing job from the Fijian coach.

Congratulations to all the above, but again this list could have had 100 players on it. Well done to all players over the weekend, and we hope to see you back in Harmony Cup 7.

Men’s Harmony Cup 6 Team Of Tournament
Name Team
1 Ariana Hira-Herangi (C) Te Puru
2 Aliyah Grey Pikaio Warriors
3 Zion Taurima Pikaio Warriors
4 Crystal Walters Te Puru
5 Juraea Turner Te Puru
6 Fipe Moli Western Fijian Civa
7 Dallys Tini Hawaiki Roa
8 Anahera Te Rahui Hawaiki Roa
9 Tiana Graham Pikiao Warriors
C Onisimo Gukisuva Western Fijian Civa