Harmony Cup 7 2023- Rules & Laws

Do you know the rules of 9s?
Is Masters really only 9 a side? 
How many tackles in a set?

See below the links for all the rules for both the Harmony Cup 9s and the Harmony Cup Masters –

Harmony Cup 2023 – LAWS OF RUGBY LEAGUE NINES (9s)

NRL WA Masters Laws – Harmony Cup

And see below the full competition handbook for those who want to see all the rules in one –

NRL WA 2023 Oct Harmony Cup 9s Competition Handbook Version 2

Commonly Asked Questions

Is only one marker allowed in 9s? No you can have two markers. But most teams only use one to create a bigger defensive line.

How many tackles in 9s? 5 tackles. So you will get up to 4th and last, before turning the ball over on the 5th tackle. One less than normal

At Harmony Cup, how many on the field in Masters? 11 players on the field in Masters Games

How many players in each team in 9s? For all games that are not Masters – you can only have 9 players on the field and 7 players on the bench. 16 players in total. 
Which means if you have a squad of 20, 4 players will be sitting out. AND THEY MUST NOT BE IN THEIR UNIFORM ON THE BENCH.

If your unsure, please reach out to Caleb Reedy on creedy@nrl.com.au or 0408 327 050.