July Community Award – Rob MacPherson

Congratulations to Rob MacPherson from the Busselton Broncos Junior Rugby League.

As we build up to the 2017 Ken Allen Awards NRL WA would like to Acknowledge dedicated hard working and Committed Volunteers within the Western Australian Rugby League Community.

Rob was a key leader in bringing the Busselton Broncos Club together in 2017.  His focus was to make sure that junior players in the Busselton and Margret River regions had an opportunity to play Rugby League in their own colours.

Throughout the 2017 Rob had verses roles at the Busselton Broncos including administration, jersey design, water runner, registrar and player transporter on game day.

The passion and commitment demonstrated by Rob has provided a strong base for long term sustainability for the grassroots rugby League in the Busselton and Margret River regions.