Junior Presentation Evening 2014

There was a fantastic turnout for the 2014 Junior Presentation Evening held at nib Stadium on Wednesday 27th August 2014. Award nominees, parents and guardians, club and state officials, volunteers, referees and distinguished guests including John Sackson (WARL CEO), Ian Kennedy (WARL Chairman), Peter Smith (School Sport WA), Val Murphy (Life Member) and John Moore (Life Member, current Referee and Past Players and Supporters Association President) were in attendance. All volunteers, players, parents and officials were thanked for the amount of hours they have contributed towards a wonderful 2014 season which has seen the WARL participation numbers rise 7%, which was on the back of the 19.3% last year.

James ‘Sully’ Sullivan was the MC for the evening in which all nominees, winners and state players were recognised from their respective age groups. Also acknowledged on the night was the Most Outstanding Junior Referee as well as the Junior Club Person of the Year. Finally the winners of the Junior Club Championship were announced to cap off a great evening.


We started the night with the Jumper Presentation to all of the players that represented WA in the U12’s, U15’s and U18’s state championships as well as highlighting the Combined Affiliated States Representatives and the State Player of the Year in their respective age groups.

U12’s State Player of the Year

Kaya Symon                                       Makybe Rise PS


Picture: U12 Coach Jody Epiha, Kaya Symon and Ast Coach Justin Buttery

U15’s State Player of the Year

Rakheem Tuuta-Edwards             Rockingham SHS


Picture: Coach Ian Prout, Rakheem Tuuta Edwards, Manager Michael Hayes, Ast Coach Michael Guthrie

U15’s Combined Affiliated States Representatives

Wirihana Huriwai, Dylan Hutchins,  Ashlea Tunbridge, Nika Morehu, Trent Manihera-Paul, Rakheem Tuuta-Edwards, William Finau.


Picture: As listed above excluding William Finau (Pilbara Rugby League)

U18’s State Player of the Year

Sam Defiddes                                    Port School


Picture: U18’s Coach Jamie Papa, Trainer Kymbol Murphy, Sam Defiddes, Manager John Thompson, Ast Coach Karoa Tims.

U18’s Combined Affiliated States Representatives

Alec Campbell, Sam Defiddes, Falcon Peni, Tyler Thomas, Falcon Peni, Willem Boshoff, Kiam Fletcher.


 Picture: As listed above excluding Kiam Fletcher (absent).

The nominees for each age group were then called to the stage to receive their trophy as well as announce the winner for each competition. The nominees and winners are determined by a ladder accumulated from the referees 3, 2 and 1 votes completed after each match in the Smarter than Smoking Premiership for their age division.

U11’s Smarter than Smoking Premiership Player of the Year

Henry Rowe                                       South Perth Lions


Picture: Life Member Val Murphy with U11’s winner Henry Rowe

Girl’s Leaguetag Smarter than Smoking Premiership Player of the Year

Shanice Parker                                  Willagee Bears
Kaela Marsters                                  Kalamunda Bulldogs


Picture: GLT joint winner Kaela Marsters, WARL Competitions Coordinator Jo-Anne Prout and accepting on behalf of joint winner Shanice Parker is her grandmother Michelle Parker.

U12’s Smarter than Smoking Player of the Year

Tamati Clarke                                     Rockingham


Picture: U12 winner Tamati Clarke with School Sport WA President Peter Smith

U13’s Smarter than Smoking Premiership Player of the Year

Tamaho Teirney                               Kalamunda Bulldogs


Picture: Kalamunda President Kelly Campbell accepting on behalf of absent U13 winner Tamaho Teirney with Ed Easter from the WA Rugby League

U14’s Smarter than Smoking Premiership Player of the Year

Leevai Sutton                                    Rockingham Sharks


Picture: U14 winner Leevai Sutton with WARL CEO John Sackson

U16’s Smarter than Smoking Premiership Player of the Year

Jason Nicholls                                    Fremantle Roosters
Tamba Lebbie                                    South Perth Lions


Picture: Joint U16 winners Tamba Lebbie and Jason Nichols with WARL Chairman Ian Kennedy

John Moore was in attendance to present the award named in his honour, the John Moore Most Outstanding Junior Referee. We respect and appreciated every Referee as they play an extremely important part in our game. Thank you to all Referees for a great season.

John Moore Most Outstanding Junior Referee

Shanice Parker


Picture: Michelle Parker accepting on behalf of Shanice Parker with Life and Referee Member John Moore

The next award has been donated by the WARL Past Players and Supporters Association for the Junior Club Person of the year. This is an amazing award as it recognises those juniors that work hard behind the scenes to help out their club. Without the selfless acts of these individuals, our clubs would not be running as smoothly as they do.

Junior Club Person of the Year

Heremaia Hohepa                           South West Warriors


Picture: Life Member and WARL Past Players Association President John Moore with winner Heremaia Hohepa

The final award to the evening is for the Junior Club Champions, this is an extremely sort after and prestigious award. How the Club Championship is determined is by one point being awarded to clubs for each non-competitive team they have, as well as each competition age groups ladder score times by two. The highest total amount being deemed the Junior Club Champions. This year the race between first and second game down to the very last game, this goes to show how competitive our great game in WA is, this is a testament to every single person involved in Rugby League.

Junior Club Championship

Rockingham Coastal Sharks


Picture: WARL CEO John Sackson, Rockingham Junior President Carl Boffey and WARL Chairman Ian Kennedy

Club Championship Final Standings

  1. Rockingham
  2. South Perth
  3. Kalamunda
  4. Fremantle
  5. Joondalup
  6. North Beach
  7. Mandurah
  8. Willagee
  9. South West

P1070112  MC James Sully Sullivan







P1070103 U14’s Nominees Leevai Sutton (Rockingham), Jaylen Tuapola (Fremantle), Trent Manihera-Paul (South Perth), Bowman Stein (North Beach). Absent: Terence Marama-Nepe (Willagee/South West), Tamaho Teirney (Kalamunda), Jaidyn Elliott (Joondalup)






P1070100 Junior Club Person of the Year nominees Heremaia Hohepa (South West), Jaydean Foster (Mandurah – President Tasah Hess), Emily Watt-Taulagaua (South Perth), Thomas Reid (North Beach), Matthew Levet (Joondalup).






P1070096U12’s Nominees Remys Thompson (South West), Jethro Yumange (Mandurah), Tamati Clarke (Rockingham), Matthew Boland (Fremantle), Asaiah Gray (South Perth), Ethan Gudiri (Kalamunda – Absent), Brandon Dargaville (Joondalup), Gabriel Kaupa (North Beach).





P1070088U18’s WA State Squad 2014







P1070090U11’s Nominees Unawin Clarke (Mandurah), Noah Davis (Rockingham), Joshua Tuia Tua (Fremantle), Keinan Thompson (South West), Henry Rowe (South Perth), Ryley Gougaud (Kalamunda), Rory Noonan (Joondalup)






P1070083U15’s WA State Squad 2014







P1070078U12’s Coach Jody Epiha addressing the room







P1070079U12’s WA State Squad 2014







P1070092GLT nominees Kaela Marsters (Kalamunda), Pakiaka Davis (South West), Jamie Anne Madigan (Mandurah), Daniella Shepherd (Rockingham), Tanayaa Brown (Fremantle), Rachel Keys (South Perth), Shanae Gillmore-Spence (Joondalup), Tiare Morehu (North Beach), Shanice Parker (Willagee -Absent).





P1070105U16’s nominees Jordan Kasuas (Mandurah Storm), Samuel Hutcheson (Rockingham), Jason Nichols (Fremantle), Tamba Lebbie (South Perth), Kitione Nairube (Kalamunda), Tyla Love (Joondalup)






P1070098U13’s nominees Shandon Randsfield (Mandurah), Yuri Taipeti (Rockingham), Issac Harper (South West), Jackson Topine (North Beach). Absent: Jaydon Solomon (South Perth), Tamaho Teirney (Kalamunda).