Junior Presentation Night

nib Stadium’s Chairmans Lounge plays host to the WARL Junior Presentation night on August 28th, celebrating excellence on the footy field for this year’s junior season.

Kicking off at 6pm, the festivities will include the presentation of the State 12’s, 15’s and 18’s jerseys as well as the announcement of all end of season awards for junior grades.

For a full list of all nominees in each award category please see below and don’t forget to RSVP with WARL head office by 28th August, 2013.

 Under 11’s

Declan Bools (Rockingham Sharks White)
Kaya Symon (Rockingham Sharks Blue)
Ratu Naleba (Fremantle Roosters)
TePutuangaanga  Huriwai-Brown (South Perth Lions)
Cyrus Kingi (Kalamunda Bulldogs)
Toa Edwards (Willagee Bears)
Ethan Boyce (Joondalup Giants)
Zachary Byrne (North Beach Sea Eagles)

Girls League Tag

Shanice Parker (Rockingham Sharks)
Kennedy Cherrington (Fremantle Roosters)
Caylee Wallis (South Perth Lions)
Hannah Rodricks (Kalamunda Bulldogs)
Kaela Masters (Kalamunda Bulldogs)
Shinade Jackson (Joondalup Giants)
Darby Hodge (South West Warriors)

Under 12’s

Yuri Taipeti (Rockingham Sharks)
Shanndon Ransfield (Mandurah Storm)
Jayden Mears-Olsen(Fremantle Roosters)
Tetual Raoren (South Perth Lions)
Tamaho Teirney (Kalamunda Bulldogs)
Keanu Kaukasi (Joondalup Giants)
Kai Matcham (North Beach Sea Eagles)
Zion Hay (South West Warriors) 

Under 13’s

Leevai Sutton (Rockingham Sharks)
Trent Manihera-Paul (South Perth Lions)
Tamaho Teirney (Kalamunda Bulldogs)
James Gallaugher (Willagee Bears)
Travis Fleming (Joondalup Giants)
Jared Utia (North Beach Sea Eagles)

Under 14’s

Kiaanu Ashby (Rockingham Sharks White)
Sam Clarke (Rockingham Sharks Blue)
Cade-Michael Patrick (Fremantle Roosters)
Jacob Thomas (South Perth Lions)
Jordan Grant (Kalamunda Bulldogs)
Nika Morehu (Joondalup Giants) 

Under 16’s

Jayden Hocking (Rockingham Sharks White)
Troy White (Rockingham Sharks Blue)
Corin James-Comini (Mandurah Storm)
Kobe Tuhakaraina (Fremantle Roosters)
Kiam Fletcher (South Perth Lions)
Flame Kinei-Metekingi (Kalamunda Bulldogs)
Ed Katu (Joondalup Giants)
Tyler Lee (North Beach Sea Eagles)
Zane Hay (South West Warriors)