Ken Allen Medalist

Who is Ken Allen?

The Ken Allen Medal commemorates and pays tribute to the outstanding efforts and contribution by Ken Allen to the game of Rugby League in WA. Ken undertook various roles within the Fremantle Roosters Club and the league then known as WARL. It was Ken’s dedication and commitment to the game that saw him continue the proud history of rewarding and honouring the best player in the local competition when the award was renamed as The Ken Allen Medal.

Plenty of fantastic players have won this award, with Alec Lockley of the Fremantle club winning it a record 4 times. Kere Parata and Isaac Thomas are the only players to receive the award in back to back seasons, with Parata the only player to win the award with different clubs (Belmont & Fremantle).

We have also crowned dual winners 5 times, with the most recent being in 2019 when Daniel Green (South Perth Lions) and Jeremy Wallace (North Beach Sea Eagles) shared the award.

1950 Tom Myles Winger Cottesloe
1951 Bob Patching Second Row South Perth
1952 Jim Casey Hooker Nedlands
1953 Rob Kidner Front Row Cottesloe
1954 Arthur Smith Halfback Fremantle
1955 Bluey O’Brien Five Eight Perth
1956 Bill Hillier Lock Vic Park
1957 Mal Cole Front Row Belmont
1958 John Lister Five Eight Applecross
1959 Mal Cole & Mike Hunt Front Row & Fullback Belmont/South Perth
1960 Harry Raynor Five Eight North Beach
1961 Bill Hillier Lock Vic Park
1962 Mick O’Neill Halfback South Perth
1963 John Lister Five Eight Applecross
1964 Frank Stone Second Row South Perth
1965 Ian White Winger Fremantle
1966 Peter McIarty Halfback Fremantle
1967 Terry Coman Front Row Applecross
1968 Bob Granville Fullback Vic Park
1969 Noel Williams Front Row Fremantle
1970 Terry Frisby Centre Belmont
1971 Tony Jubb Five Eight Belmont
1972 Paul Callaghan Hooker Cottesloe
1973 Alec Lockley Halfback Fremantle
1974 Gary Hookman Winger Fremantle
1975 Alec Lockley Halfback Fremantle
1976 Rod Nelson Hooker Fremantle
1977 Alec Lockley Halfback Fremantle
1978 Graham Lynch Lock Vic Park
1979 Ian Walls Winger Canning
1980 Len Standen Second Row North Beach
1981 John Fielding Centre Mosman Cottesloe
1982 Alec Lockley Hooker Fremantle
1983 John Zahra Halfback Canning
1984 Kevin Denton Second Row South Perth
1985 Mark Hall Centre Mosman Cottesloe
1986 Robbie Sollis Lock Applecross
1987 Russell May Halfback Fremantle
1988 Mark Riley Halfback Belmont
1989 Peter Guthrie Five Eight South Perth
1990 Murray Hamilton Second Row Belmont
1991 Duncan Whitchurch Lock Fremantle
1992 Carl Grigg Centre Canning
1993 Gavin Jones Front Row Fremantle
1994 Fred Sapatu Second Row Canning
1995 Brad O’Connor & Darryl Walker Fullback & Halfback South Perth/Mosman Cottesloe
1996 Paul Abercrombie & Kere Parata Lock & Second Row Belmont
1997 Kere Parata Lock Fremantle
1998 Peter Trivett & Jared Millar Front Row & Lock Canning/North Beach
1999 Brad Baker Centre Fremantle
2000 Troy Beecham Centre North Beach
2001 Tony Merrick Lock Joondalup
2002 Shane Brook Centre Eastern Bulldogs
2003 Jonathan Muir Second Row South Perth
2004 Isaac Thomas Halfback South Perth
2005 Craig Phillis Five Eight North Beach
2006 Isaac Thomas Halfback South Perth
2007 Isaac Thomas Halfback South Perth
2008 Michael Guthrie Centre South Perth
2009 Tim Cook Five Eight Central Bulldogs
2010 Clint Fraser Front Row South Perth
2011 Tyron Cranston Fullback North Beach
2012 Samson Graham Second Row Fremantle
2013 Rhys Peakman Five Eight Willagee
2014 Caleb Reedy Five Eight Joondalup
2015 Jarek Goebel Five Eight Rockingham
2016 Tyron Cranston Fullback North Beach
2017 Scott Jones Lock South Perth
2018 Delane Edwards Fullback Fremantle
2019 Daniel Green & Jeremy Wallace Second Row & Halfback South Perth/North Beach
2020 Kainoa Gudgeon Fullback Joondalup
2021 Taurean Sheehan Hooker Joondalup
2022 Keelyn Tuuta-Edwards Lock Rockingham
2023 Duane Butler Lock Fremantle