MAGIC Round – U17s Best Take On The Iceman

Photo Courtesy Of Carmel Potter-Green

Goal kickers are a special breed of player. Charged with the extra responsibility of turning 4 points into 6, a lot of the time they are reliable and capable kickers. Most clubs have an award just for them at the end of the year (highest point scorer). Which unless someone scores 50 tries in a season, the kicker tends to win.

But they can also cop it from all angles when it goes wrong.

Lose by 1 or 2. Yep there was a missed conversion.
End of the game pressure for a draw or a win.
A penalty attempt which is no where near where you would take a normal conversion.
Or even the dreaded – we scored more tries than them, but they kicked all their goals… that one stings.

But its a prestigious spot. When we are young, we all want to kick. We all dream of the pressure. Some kickers have lived that dream of pressure.

Kickers in our own competition have tasted these moments. For better or worse.

Arnika Cave kicked two late goals to send the Women’s Premiership into overtime in the grand final. And was unlucky to miss one that would have won it in extra time.
Gus Marshall, again from the Joondalup Giants, has kicked one field goal in his whole career. In the 108th minute in a triple overtime grand final for the win.
Kani Solomon kicked a winning conversion in a grand final from 40 metres out, after Harry Debique kicked a sideline conversion, with north beach supporters screaming in his ear, to send the game into extra time.

Well this weekend, we put some of our best junior kickers under the boiler in a competition against one of the Premiership best, in South Perth Lions sharpshooter, Harry “The Iceman” Debique.

Competition Rules

  • 4 minutes per kicker – 24 seconds per shot, which is not easy.
  • Kickers will get 10 shots at goal from 5 different locations.
  • Similar to the NBA 3 Point Contest, it will be timed and players will get two shots from every location
  • Scores will be out of 10.
  • All draws will be sorted by an elimination drop goal challenge.

See below for the lineup – and be down and ready for the Goal Kicking Challenge.

Pos Time Club Kicker
1 2:00pm Fremantle Roosters Gabriel Hei Hei
2 2:05pm South Perth Lions Phil Saunderson
3 2:10pm Kalamunda Bulldogs Te Moana Reedy
4 2:15pm Joondalup Giants Leon White
5 2:20pm Kwinana Titans Tane Barrett-Brown Smith
6 2:25pm North Beach Sea Eagles Diesel Babington
7 2:30pm Rockingham Sharks Jovahn Leef
8 2:35pm South Perth Lions Harry Debique – Premiership

Good luck to all our participants and can anyone knock off Harry?