Men’s Great Southern Nine’s – Team Of Tournament

Into our third edition for the men, we missed the last editions team, but have brought it back for this one. I’d like to present the following players as the Great Southern Nine’s team of the tournament. The players were sorted into 3 categories and made a part of a crackshot superhero lineup for the selection and they are in no particular order :

  • Heavy Hitters – Forwards who take no mercy, with or without the ball.
  • Speedsters – The flashy backs who smile when they get one on one with defenders
  • Playmakers – These players call the shots, and make the magic happen

Anyway. Lets get into it.

Heavy Hitter – South Hedland Cougars – #16 – Payden Porter – Hank McCoy (Beast)
Starting off our team with a guy who can definitely play. Big, fast and strong, with a great work ethic, he is a handful for all defenders. But what sets him apart is his football IQ. Spotting a gap from a mile away, his line running is up there with the best in the game, and he continues his leg drive long after you would expect him to have given up.

Heavy Hitter – Gur Wirimalpa – #9 – Charlie Adams – Thor Odinson (Thor)
While not the smart operator that some of the other players in the competition, Charlie is an awesome competitor. Showing up in the middle of the field in a big way, he never takes a backward step and is one of the first people to put his hand up for tough carries. A noted try scorer, with hollywood good looks, he also enjoys a cheeky smile on the field much like Thor himself.

Heavy Hitter – Joondalup Giants – #19 – Domanyc Fidow-Kele – Bruce Banner (The Hulk)
Was a shootout between team mates for the last spot, but Dom just beat out the devastating Josh Houghton (The Juggernaut) for this deserved place. One of the nicest, quietly spoken guys off the field, on the field he turns into an absolute menace. Bumping off players for fun, he also contains a hell of an offload, and much like his team mate Josh, has a nose for the try line. Deserved a place in this side.

Speedster – Joondalup Giants – #5 – Travis Haney – Barry Allen (The Flash)
The first player picked for this side, Travis was the leading try scorer for the weekend. With a wicked 40 metre split, his ability to change direction on the fly and make defenders miss was next level. The American convert has made a place for himself on the Joondalup flank, and the Giants basically gave him the space to just burn all day.

Speedster – Joondalup Giants – #2 – Tyzak Hita-Duval – Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver)
So if Travis was the number one try scorer over the weekend, then the guy on the otherside was right up there as well. This youngster made others look like they were standing still. A polar opposite to Travis, young Tyzak is a tall skinny product, who has a long stride that makes him fly across the ground easily. A brilliant debut tournament for the new Giants prospect.

Speedster – Western Fijians – #16 – Jona Naborisi – Norrin Radd (Silver Surfer)
Now while the Joondalup outside men are brutal in their speed and effectiveness, this Fijian flyer, much like his team mates, is full of flair and flamboyance. It seems like he plays with style, and would rather look good scoring then just dotting that ball over the line. Beating out a few of his own team mates for this spot, Jona also has top line pace when he wants to go for it.

Playmaker – Western Fijians – #13 – Kameli Naisiroko – King T’Challa (Black Panther)
Captain Kameli, in the pink boots, was a lightning rod for the Western Fijians all weekend. While the side possesses plenty of amazing players, with great footwork, they need someone to bring them all together, and Kama, along with Will Ravatudei were the ones to provide that. Possessing great skills, vision and strength, he was a goto guy for the Fijians all weekend.

Playmaker – Joondalup Giants – #9 – Taurean Sheehan – Steve Rogers (Captain America)
The guy making the plans, the plays and controlling behind the scenes, Sheehan doesn’t need any fancy tricks or gadgets. Much like Captain America, he is just full tilt the whole time he is on the field. Incredibly fit, he isn’t the strongest or fastest guy on the field. But 100% leads his team through every game with no hesitation. A real leader and someone to get behind.

Playmaker – Mandurah Storm – #13 – Unawin Clarke – Tony Stark (Iron Man)
Unawin Clarke, much like Tony Stark, can be the setup guy if you need. But he is also a player who your looking to just go out and get it done. When he suits up, like Iron Man, he just takes the game on his own, and provided us with some brilliant highlights over the weekend. His scintillating solo try against the Fijians left spectators gobsmacked as he basically beat the team on his own in their match up.

Congratulations to the Great Southern Nine’s Men’sTeam of the Tournament. It was tough to decide and many men played amazing football. And we look forward to seeing more men and games next year!