NRL Real Skills For Real Careers Presentation

NRL WA is proudly involved in the NRL’s Real Skills for Real Careers program, and last Thursday former Manly Sea Eagles forward Luke Williamson was on hand to conduct a presentation for young league players at the 2018 Junior State Championships at Charles Riley Reserve.

The program aims to promote Vocational Education Training and provide opportunities for players across Australia to take on apprenticeships and trades.

Since retiring from the game in 2010, Williamson has been actively involved in the NRL’s Well-Being and Education centre following a stint as Manly’s Well-Being Manager.

“Gone are the days where if you didn’t go to University you weren’t going to be a success,” Williamson said.

“Going down this course is on the same level as University and ideally we’re trying to promote the status of Vocational Education Training.”

The 39-year-old emphasised the importance of making sure players know this service is available to them all over the country.

“It’s proving awareness and highlighting the opportunities a Vocational Education Training can provide,” he said.

“The NRL do see the value of educating, updating, providing education and including WA.”

With a presence across the whole country, Williamson has seen the success the program can have.

“We’ve had an inclusion of players taking on apprenticeships or Vocational Training.”

The program is supported by NRL WA’s Better People, Better Game campaign.

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