NRL WA ANZAC Challenge Flashback

Launching the NRL WA ANZAC Challenge Flashback

Missing Rugby League? So are we! 

Whilst Rugby League is postponed during Covid-19 we will be showcasing Flashback games from the WA Smarter than Smoking Premiership each week all Thanks to our friends at Healthway






First we bring you the Senior Men’s and Women NRL WA 2019 ANZAC Challenge – Perth City v Perth Kiwis

2019 NRL WA ANZAC Challenge – Women’s Tackle

Men’s – Perth City v Perth Kiwis

You can be smarter than smoking by: saying no to smoking, protecting yourself from second hand smoke, supporting others to stop or reduce their smoking, avoiding situations where cigarettes might be offered, avoiding experimenting with smoking, choosing to do something else when other start smoking, choosing friends who are also Smarter than Smoking.

Feeling Unwell?

If you develop a fever, a cough, sore throat, or shortness of breath, in line with government advice please stay home and seek medical attention.  If you have been directly in contact with an individual that has been exposed to COVID-19, again please stay home and seek medical advice.