NRL WA Doubles Down On Its Fitness With CAS Academy

NRL WA is proud to partner with Double Down Fitness and Travis Haney again in 2023. Travis will lead the physical preparation of our WA CAS Academy U18 players, who will look to compete at the ASSRL U18 Schoolboys Championship in July 2023 at Redcliffe.

Previous players that have been part of this program have since gone on to compete in the SG Ball NSWRL Competition.

We look forward to working with Travis, Double Down Fitness and our Rugby League Talent


Double Down Fitness – Travis Haney
182 Wittenoom St, Perth, WA 6000

Travis Haney, a former collegiate gridiron and indoor track and field competitor from the United States, brings 10 years of top-level training experience to Rugby League WA. His aim is to produce bigger, faster, and stronger athletes at his facility – Double Down Fitness- in East Perth.

After testing athletes to determine their base levels he begins his training methods to target specific movements that will enhance their on-field performance. He incorporates unbalanced positions into workouts to ensure athletes become stronger in positions they commonly find themselves in during games. Haney believes athletes should train for the sport they play and while common lifts like ‘squatting’ are important for building power, it is the unbalanced and plyometric activities that improve overall performance.

Haney emphasies unity, stressing the importance of communication and encouraging athletes to train as a cohesive unit. He reminds them that energy is contagious and if one person finds their voice, it can positively impact the entire team, resulting in a boost in energy and performance on game day.

During our two-year collaboration with Travis, we noticed that his athletes are attracted to his high energy levels and instructive approach. Through working closely with him, his clients have demonstrated an increase in self-discipline, resulting in enduring achievements even after their training with him concludes. We are thrilled to maintain our partnership with Travis and Double Down Fitness, in order to optimize the development of Rugby League U18s, while creating a sustainable pathway for forthcoming athletes.