Old Tigers Out of Hibernation To Host NRL WA Masters

This Sunday, 29th of November 2020, a bunch of old tyros, has beens, also rans and some genuine premiership players will converge on Heath Park, Eglinton. And no its not a seniors convention. The Inaugural NRL WA Masters Carnival will be played.

6 teams of players will be converging on the day to partake in a Masters football, which is a chance for over 35s players to don the boots, share war stories and see if they still have a bit of that fire that they had once upon a time.

A variant to a normal game will see 11 players on the field partake in more “fun” based non-competitive games.

To assist everyone with a great understanding of Masters Rugby League Rules NRL WA will release the below rules checks over our Facebook page this week so that everyone is better prepared of what to expect.

Please also see below links to the Official NRL Masters Laws along with the NRL Heat Guidelines as we are expecting warm conditions on Sunday so we encourage all participants to prepare accordingly and stay hydrated before, during and after the event.

Official NRL Masters Laws
NRL Heat Guidelines















The blockbuster action will kick off at 9am with the Alkimos Tigers Stripes taking on the Fremantle Roosters.

Check out all the times below and look out for our other social media for more information –

Kick Off Home Away
9:00am Alkimos Tigers Stripes v Fremantle Roosters
9:30am North Beach Sea Eagles v Willagee Bears
10:00am Alkimos Tigers White v Ellenbrook Rabbitohs
10:30am Fremantle Roosters v Willagee Bears
11:00am Alkimos Tigers White v Alkimos Tigers Stripes
11:30am Ellenbrook Rabbitohs v North Beach Sea Eagles
12:00pm Willagee Bears v Alkimos Tigers White
12:30pm North Beach Sea Eagles v Fremantle Roosters
1:00pm Alkimos Tigers Stripes v Ellenbrook Rabbitohs
1:30pm Alkimos Tigers White v Fremantle Roosters
2:00pm Ellenbrook Rabbitohs v Willagee Bears
2:30pm Alkimos Tigers Stripes v North Beach Sea Eagles
3:00pm Fremantle Roosters v Ellenbrook Rabbitohs
3:30pm Willagee Bears v Alkimos Tigers Stripes
4:00pm North Beach Sea Eagles v Alkimos Tigers White