Perth Junior Results – Semi Finals

GLT – 9:00am
Major Semi-Final – Ellenbrook Rabbitohs 18 def Fremantle Roosters 0
Headline – Rabbitohs machine keeps rolling with shutout of the game ready Roosters.

Elimination Semi-Final – Rockingham Sharks 4 def by South Perth Lions 10
Headline – Young Lions roar in a heart stopper against tough Sharks.

U13 Boys – 10:00am
Major Semi-Final – Fremantle Roosters 30 def Willagee Bears 16
Headline – Big Roosters survive early scare against young enthusiastic Bears

Elimination Semi-Final – Kalamunda Bulldogs 0 def by Ellenbrook Rabbitohs 18
Headline – Rabbitohs show up in clinical defensive performance against tough Bulldogs outfit.

U13 Girls – 11:10am
Major Semi-Final – Rockingham Sharks 16 def by Joondalup Giants 28
Headline – Sharks blink first in massive shootout match against powerful Giants

Elimination Semi-Final – Ellenbrook Rabbitohs 16 def South Perth Lions 4
Headline – Rabbitohs stars too strong against plucky Lions young guns.

U14 Boys – 12:20pm
Major Semi-Final – Kalamunda Bulldogs 24 def Joondalup Giants 20
Headline – Bulldogs hang on in absolute thriller against fast finishing Giants

Elimination Semi-Final – South Perth Lions 16 def Rockingham Sharks 12
Headline – Cagey Lions survive a massive Shark attack in game of the day.

U15 Girls – 1:30pm
Major Semi-Final – Ellenbrook Rabbitohs 54 def Joondalup Giants 4
Headline – Rabbitohs stamp their dominance in complete performance against a young Giants outfit

Elimination Semi-Final – Kwinana Titans 50 def Rockingham Sharks 0
Headline – Titans looking to make a big run with epic performance against new Sharks girls.

U15 Boys – 2:40pm
Major Semi-Final – South Perth Lions 16 def Rockingham Sharks 10
Headline – Lions too clinical against strong but erratic Sharks side.

Elimination Semi-Final – Fremantle Roosters 24 def Ellenbrook Rabbitohs 8
Headline – Roosters shout warning to other finalists in big win against tricky Rabbitohs

U17 Girls – 3:50pm
Elimination Semi-Final – Joondalup Giants 18 def Ellenbrook Rabbitohs 14
Headline – Giants leave it really late to grab front running Bunnies

U17 Boys – 5:00pm & 3:50pm
Major Semi-Final – North Beach Sea Eagles def Rockingham Sharks
Headline – Sea Eagles show pedigree against high octane Sharks team

Elimination Semi-Final – Ellenbrook Rabbitohs 24 def Kalamunda Bulldogs 22
Headline – Hot Bulldogs come undone in final moments against monster Rabbitohs.