Pikiao Warriors Embody Harmony Cup Spirit

The Pikiao Warriors Masters teams and community were awarded the NRL WA Harmony Cup – Harmony Award for the 4th edition of the Harmony Cup.

Boasting numbers which featured 7 teams and 140 players for the weekend, the Pikiao Warriors also field not one, but two Women’s Master’s teams which played for the first time ever at our Harmony Cup.

Showing immense spirit and camaraderie, the Warriors encompassed all the values of the Harmonious Spirit award, which rewards the community that encompasses sportsmanship, team work, respect of their heritage and that of their opposition.

Throughout all teams featured numerous family members, brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, and yes even some grand parents, which is an extra ordinary effort. We at the NRL WA would like to congratulate the Pikaio Warriors whole community for their immense work and dedication for the Harmony Cup.

And while all communities should be congratulated for participating in this years Harmony Cup, a particular highlight was when the Pikaio Warriors Women’s Master played an Invitational Barbarians team in 2 games on the finals day on Sunday. All the ladies participating on both side showed immense spirit and love of the game and everyone involved in both fixtures should be congratulated.

Let’s hope to see everyone back again for out next Harmony Cup.
Congratulations Pikiao Warriors.