Pilbara Roos Outlast Kiwis In High Scoring Affair

The Pilbara Roos have won back the shield from the Kiwis in the Pilbara Challenge, with a high scoring 48-40 victory.

While defence was definitely not the order of the day, the seesawing game was a great spectacle for the large Newman crowd who enjoyed every minute of the see sawing contest.

The Pilbara Roos struck in the first minute of the game with Ross Hoye, the captain of the Roos, taking an intercept from the Kiwis, who looked to move the ball early, and before you knew it, it was 4-0.

But if you thought it was going to be a cake walk, the Kiwis were striking back off a Roos error, with Justin Moiri going over early for the Kiwis, and the stage was set for what was going to be a high scoring, fast affair.

The lead change no less that 6 times throughout the contest, with neither side willing to give in, but also neither really willing to kick away. The Newman crowd was getting right into it, with some big shots coming from both side.

But the scales tipped into the Roos favour, when off a Nathan Chaplain break deep in the Roos half led to Chris Olman running 80 metres and putting the Roos 12 points in front for the largest lead of the game.

And while the Kiwis kept fighting and did score another try to close the gap, the lead was just too much too late in the game, and the Roos were able to hold on.

In what was a great night, earlier the Women from Newman played an exhibition game, which saw the Maroon team just be slightly too much for the Blue. Callie Walker was all speed and athleticism for the Maroon side, while Shina Ngapo was the shining light for the Blue team in a lop sided affair.

Big thank you to the Newman Crushers, and every one involved, especially Eugene Hepi and his wife Kahu who are great volunteers and the head of an amazing club in the North West!

Congratulations to all the players and everyone involved!
NRL WA is proud of everyone who took part and look forward to more action in the North West soon!