After a gruelling opening training schedule, the 2015 West Coast Pirates SG Ball squad has been reduced to 26 players.

A high quality intra-squad trial match was played on Friday 12th December and all players were fighting to keep their spot in the squad. Coach Ryan Gundry said it was a “very tough decision” leaving some players out of the squad.

Congratulations to all players who have been selected in the final squad. To those that have missed out on this occasion, thank you for your hard work so far, don’t give up on your Rugby League dream, you can all hold your head high.

  1. Alec Campbell
  2. Brandon Wright
  3. Chase Epiha
  4. Corban Daniels
  5. Damien Darlington
  6. Ed Katu
  7. Ethan Williams
  8. Falcon Peni
  9. Jake Gleeson
  10. Jamie Crocker
  11. Jared Spencer
  12. Jona Chase
  13. Kainoa Gudgeon
  14. Kiam Fletcher
  15. Kobe Tuhakaraina
  16. Liam Donelly
  17. Marcell Kautai
  18. Poinga Biddle
  19. Quintin Needham
  20. Sam Hutcheson
  21. Siailoa Faafua
  22. Sonny Kerr
  23. Taiapa Graham
  24. Troy Heta Clarke
  25. Wicus Lodewicus
  26. Zac Wood


The players head into camp this weekend at Ern Halliday, they will then have a well deserved break over Christmas.

The season will kick off on Saturday 14th February. The fixtures from the NSWRL will be released soon.