Put yourself in their Shoes

Today, the NRL will launch a new participation campaign titled ‘Put Yourself in Their Shoes’. This campaign serves as a timely reminder heading into Junior League finals that all participants – players, coaches, spectators and volunteers play a role in keeping the game day environment fun and inclusive for all.


While the clear majority of our participants demonstrate the level of respect towards each other and particularly officials that we would expect, unfortunately a small minority do not. Research has shown that poor behaviour at a Junior level can be a factor for people to not re-register and is one of our reasons for a high churn rate of both players and volunteers.


The campaign will be broken up into three content pieces, each focussing on either coach, spectator or player behaviour. The use of a role reversal angle in the clip is used to highlight this poor behaviour and asks the viewer to think how they would feel if they were subject to this on game day.


The first piece in this campaign focuses on coaches directing abuse towards our match officials. Click below to view this clip!