WARL Smarter Than Smoking Premiership Round 19 Seniors / 17 Juniors



This weekend we recognise and acknowledge some of the most important people in Rugby League, the Referees. These hardworking men and women turn up week in week out to ensure that our players are able to participate in our great game, without them our games simply don’t exist. These dedicated, passionate Rugby League supporters officiate our game because they love it, and what do they get in return, most of the time it is criticism and abuse.

We need it to STOP!!! Let’s start with this weekend, lets encourage all of our players, officials and spectators to ‘RESPECT THE REFEREE’ for all the hard work and time they put in to Rugby League.

I know it can be frustrating when a decision might not go your way. However we need to remember that Referees are only HUMAN and everyone makes mistakes. Think before you shout!!!

There are a few initiatives that the WARL have to acknowledge our WA Referees this week, and we need your help to encourage this to happen.

  • Players/spectators to clap the referee onto the field.
  • All players to shake hands with the referees after the match.
  • Referee John Moore to be interviewed by Sully and Barney on Leaguetalk Friday afternoon (91.3FM from 4.30pm)
  • Reports in the newsletter/website on some of our Referees.

This isn’t a lot to ask so can we all please help by showing RESPECT TO OUR REFEREES.

Hopefully by acknowledging the Referees this weekend, people will start to think twice and decide not to yell abuse at our Referees.


Picture: Referees Tama Wharepouri and Michael Sims Representing WA at the Affiliated States Championships in June 2014.