RISE Development – Wraps Up Sessions & Testing

Over the last 6 weeks, our RISE Development has been taking place, with our below groups partaking in the RISE Development program –

  • MALE 13-15 Old
  • FEMALE 13-16 Years Old

Incorporating rugby league specific skills, strength and conditioning, life fit skills and a raft of other initiatives, the RISE Development has been delivered in three locations with great numbers, and we thank all the enthusiastic kids and parents for being involved.

This week coming they break into teams to do some actual team drills, before the RISE Challenge on the 20th-21st Of April, but they also finished their RISE sessions with some testing.

And it produced some amazing results in all areas. All players improved in at least 2 different tests, while 80% of players improved in 3 of the tests, and 50% of player improved in every single test to really show their improvements.

In the “Bronco” Test, which is a test of endurance and speed, Jacob Smith of Southern Pride led all comers. The 14 year old ran a blistering 4 minutes and 40 seconds to head off all comers in the U15s boys programs. In the 16 year old girls programs, Emmilea Prior led the way with a fantastic 5 minutes and 15 seconds. And young Zane Murray put down an incredible 5 minutes and 7 seconds to lead all U13 year old boys.

  Northern Fusion Southern Pride Southwest Dolphins
U13 Boys Mayson Teiri – 6m 10s Lawson Melville – 5m 10s Zane Murray – 5m 07s
U15 Boys Bowen Biddle – 5m 18s Jacob Smith – 4m 40s Kalen Zoller – 5m 07s
U16 Girls Kylah Tuheke Kupa – 5m 57s Emmilea Prior – 5m 15s N/A

The “Broad Jump” was the next test and again there are some powerful leapers in the group. Brooklyn Teale used his jumping ability to good effect with a 2.65m leap, to head the U15 boys. Bailey Vasukicakau showed her athleticism to good effect, with a 2.41m jump, and in the U13 boys, it was again Dolphins player Zane Murray with 2.5m stretch leading all comers.

  Northern Fusion Southern Pride Southwest Dolphins
U13 Boys Jax Tiseli – 2.19m Joseph Phillips Beale – 2.42m Zane Murray – 2.5m
U15 Boys Htoo Adee – 2.6m Brooklyn Teale – 2.65m Gabriel Hei Hei – 2.6m
U16 Girls Chontay Nicho – 2.1m Bailey Vasukicakau – 2.41m N/A

The “Medicine 3kg Ball Throw” is a great way to show explosive power. And powerhouse Tyler Dickie threw a monster 9.6m with the ball to show everyone his power. In the girls, Palace Koia threw 7.1m for a huge distance, while Finley Twissell’s mark of 6.9m was the longest distance in the U13 boys.

  Northern Fusion Southern Pride Southwest Dolphins
U13 Boys Damon Ryan – 6.7m Esei Fatanitavake – 6.87m Finley Twissell – 6.9m
U15 Boys Ewan Robles – 8.1m Tyler Dickie – 9.6m Koston Jones – 8.78m
U16 Girls Kaiya Puki – 6.1m Palace Koia – 7.1m N/A

And lastly, the speedsters got to show their speed off the mark with a “20 Metre Sprint”. Phenyx Murray was lightning between the sticks with a brilliant 2.8 seconds to pip the boys in the 15 years age group. Leona Yusia hit top speed with a scorching 3.01 seconds for the girls, while in the 13 boys Harvey Marshall & Kingdom Koia both ran a 3.02 split to share the spoils.

  Northern Fusion Southern Pride Southwest Dolphins
U13 Boys Dziah Johnstone – 3.15s Harvey Marshall/Kingdom Koia – 3.02s Zane Murray – 3.1s
U15 Boys Htoo Adee – 2.91 Phenyx Murray – 2.8s Eden Serjeant – 3.03s
U16 Girls Leona Yusia – 3.01s Palace Koia – 3.06s N/A

Amazing results from everyone, if any players or parents are interested in their own results please don’t hesitate to email creedy@nrl.com.au

Now as we head to the RISE Challenge and the last few team training sessions, we thank everyone involved so far!