RISE Programs Kick Off – Rep Programs Begin

What is the RISE Program?

The RISE Program provides aspirational Junior Rugby League players and coaches with an avenue to obtain specialised training and education through a holistic Rugby League development experience.

It is the first introduction to the WA pathway system, offering players aged 13-14 the opportunity to develop their physical attributes, on-field skillset as well as focusing on all-round wellbeing. It also offers U15 Boys and U15/16 Girls the opportunity to then represent WA at the upcoming ASSRL Championships in June/July.

At the conclusion of the RISE Tournament, all players in RISE will participate at the Junior State Championships, on April 20th and 21st.

TO BE CONSIDERED FOR THIS YEARS U15 Schoolboys and U16 Schoolgirls, who travel in June/July School Holidays, players must have completed RISE and played at Junior State Championships.

To find out more about the RISE Program follow the link below.

RISE Progam – Play Rugby League

Be advised, RISE and Junior State Championships cost is $165 per player.

See the information for the RISE Programs in the table below – 

RISE Northern Fusion 13-15 Boys
13-16 Girls
(11th March – 8th April) 
Charles Riley Reserve, North Beach 5:30pm-7:30pm
RISE Southern Pride 13-15 Boys
13-16 Girls

(13th March – 10th April)

George Burnett Park, Karawara 5:30pm-7:30pm
RISE Southwest Dolphins 13-15 Boys
13-16 Girls
(11th March – 8th April) 
Thomas Oval, Medina 5:30pm-7:30pm

Please see the below links to register –

RISE Northern Fusion RISE Southern Pride RISE Southwest Dolphins
Fusion U13 Boys Pride U13 Boys Dolphins U13 Boys
Fusion U14 Girls Pride U14 Girls Dolphins U14 Girls
Fusion U15 Boys Pride U15 Boys Dolphins U15 Boys
Fusion U16 Girls Pride U16 Girls Dolphins U16 Girls

If you have any questions and queries please email Caleb Reedy on creedy@nrl.com.au

If anyone outside of the metro area (North West Reds, Greater Southern Region) would like to participate, please email Caleb Reedy on creedy@nrl.com.au