RISE ROOKIE Academy 2024 – Final Sessions & Testing

Over the last 6 weeks, our RISE ROOKIE Academy has been taking place, with our below groups partaking in the RISE ROOKIE program for the first time –

  • MALE 16-18
  • FEMALE 17+

Incorporating rugby league specific skills, strength and conditioning, life fit skills and a raft of other initiatives, the RISE ROOKIE program delivered some amazing results.

Some high calibre trial games during the week, both head coaches in Martin Collis and Trudy Whaanga were impressed with the skills and ability of the players.

And it wasn’t a fluke with the testing yesterday showing some amazing results.

A large part of the program has been under the guidance of S&C Coach Travis Haney. Being held at his gym facility, Double Down Fitness, it all came to a climax with a final testing session yesterday, with everyone being amazed by the results.

In the “Bronco” Test, 90% of the athletes recorded a better time, with the Women’s program seeing an average improvement of 37 seconds, with Heather Matoe ultra impressive with a 51 second improvement. Gabrielle Canicosa led the way with a super quick 5:30min time.

For the Males program, the average improvement across the board was 30 seconds. And again it was a front rower with the biggest improvement, with Charles Cairns who ran a massive 1:02 minutes faster than his previous time 6 weeks ago. Pushed by Cassius Dougal and Taniela Te Rauna, who both led the way cracking the 5 minute mark, it was an impressive effort from the big man. Taniela was also a massive improver, taking 49 seconds off his time, while beating the 5 minute mark.

Every single participant in the RISE ROOKIE program saw an improvement to their Broad Jump. Again it was Heather Matoe who showed a huge upside with an increase of 23 centimetres, with the average 16 centimetres across the board for the women. And again it was Gabrielle Canicosa, along with Kateraina Horner, who led the way with a 2.3 metre jump.

In the Male results, the average improvement was 16 centimetres as well, with Nate Hodge improving 41 centimetres in a huge leap. Luke Hogan led the way with 2.75 metre effort, just nudging a few of the other participants.

And the final test of the day amongst the activities was the 3kg med ball toss. With a great test of strength and technique, again close to 90% of the participants managed to better their testing from 6 weeks ago.

The ladies showed an average increase of 34 centimetres, with Kateraina Horner improving 74 centimetres. But it was young gun Freida Ah-Sam who led the way, when she threw for an amazing 8.52 metres. While the males improved an average 57 centimetres. While Landyn Johnson improved by 1.24 metres, it was Rihare Te Rauna who showed the perfect combination of skill and strength with a massive 11.4 metres.

Travis Haney attributed the program a success, and NRL WA thanks him, and all the other staff for their time over the last 6 weeks to helping bring through the next generation of female and male players in Western Australia. It was refreshing to see long time coaches John Hough and Carl Boffey teaching and learning from newcomers such as Akua Robert and Danielle Parker, while exciting to have Paul Abercrombie and Peter Donkin back in the coaching ranks.

With the Women’s Team, CAS Selection and U17 Schoolboys squad being selected from this process, we thank all the players for their commitment and look forward to seeing them succeed in all their endeavours. 

If anyone wants any more information from the program, please feel free to email creedy@nrl.com.au