Roosters Premiers After Superb League Tag Performance

The Fremantle Roosters are the Women’s League Tag Champions in 2022 after an absolutely clinical performance in the grand final, defeating the ultimately outclassed Joondalup Giants, 26 – 6. Being led by some amazing performances from all over the pitch, the Roosters went into over drive to build a huge lead at halftime, and went on with the job in the second stanza.

But they had some work to do straight away, as a mistake off the kick off allowed Joondalup to apply the pressure right from the outset. Basically living inside the Roosters half for the first 10 minutes of the contest, the Giants threw a the kitchen sink at the Roosters to try and apply the heat, but the Roosters held firm, with the Giants settling for a penalty goal shot in the opening stanza. Unfortunately goal kicking ace Amber Spence didn’t strike it the best, and the score remained nil all.

Enter the Women’s League Tag player of the year in Shanazz Te Ahuru. Being sent into the back field by Caitlin Pears, she cut through the defence like a hot knife through butter, and when she came to the Joondalup fullback in Jeune-Kelly Mahuru, she kicked ahead with great weight, and scored a scintillating solo try. With Lauren Chambers adding the extras, the Roosters led 6-0 after sustaining a huge period of defence.

And from here they put their foot on the accelerator. A beautiful shift play which saw Taylor Kerr lay on some beautiful hands, put Chambers in the clear and on a 40 metre jaunt downfield. And after that setup the Roosters wouldn’t be denied with the player of the grand final Kiarhnie Attwell cutting through two defenders and dotting down right next to the posts. Chambers making no mistake with the kick, and the Roosters were now up 12-0.

And while the Roosters got the kick off set wrong again and allowed the Giants to get the ball in fairly good position, it was short lived for the maroon and gold. With the Chambers once again using her natural speed and hip movement to cut through the defence and find other noted speedster Caitlin Pears in support to make it 18-0 and make it look very hard for the Giants to get back into this one.

With it being close to halftime, the Giants again had some more ball in good field position, and with some of the veterans stepping up in Karina Spence and Kiri Smiler, it looked like they might finally get on the board. But some more desperate defence from the Roosters held them out and again the Giants were unsuccessful with a penalty goal on the half time siren, which left the half time score at Roosters 18 – Giants 0.

The Giants definitely came out of the blocks hard in the second half, with some amazing running from Mahuru, who looked the most likely to break the Fremantle line. With the Giants in the majority of possession, Elle Warren ran a beautiful line off a Hayley Nepia pass and only the speed of Pears kept the Giants scoreless on this occasion. With some repeat sets and sustained possession, the maroon and gold went left and right but were unable to break the red and blue wall.

And then it looked like they might have done it when Hayley Utia intercepted an errant fremantle pass, only for Kerr from the Roosters to show amazing reflexes and take a tag on the run off Utia. Even with this it put the Giants team right on the attack, but some poor passes and a fairly average fifth tackle option came up with no result.

With a bit of back and forth after this, eventually the Roosters got the ball in Joondalup’s twenty metre zone, and again they didn’t make any mistakes. With Michelle Traynor scheming in the middle of the field, they eventually took a shot down a blind side with nothing on, and Pears found her way between two defenders to score what would look like the sealer, to push the Roosters out to 22-0.

And the set off the kickoff it looked like more pain for the Giants, as Michelle Traynor dummied and sliced straight through the line, and put Taylor Kerr over untouched. But something happened in the lead up to make the play come back and the Giants breathed a sigh of relief. Could the Roosters keep the dangerous Giants scoreless in a grand final?

The answer ended up being no, as young Amiria Edwards took a penalty tap, and with nothing on sliced straight between two defenders to dot the ball down over the try line and give the Giants supporters something to cheer about. Amber Spence sent this one straight through the sticks, and the Roosters 22 – Giants 6.

And with two minutes left on the clock, the Roosters threw one more shot at the Giants, and ace Lauren Chambers didn’t disappoint. Cutting straight through the defensive line on halfway, she strode to the fullback, and much like Te Ahuru on the first try, kicked and chased past the fullback to dive on the ball in the in goal. With Pears unfortunately hitting the woodwork from the conversion. That ended the game with the Roosters dominating in a great team performance. The Giants were below their best, but fought to the end hard with Gilmor-Spence, Mahuru and Warren the pick of the players, with Smiler and Edwards both showing their worth at stages.

Grand Final – Fremantle Roosters 26 vs Joondalup Giants 6

Roosters – Tries – Caitlin Pears (2), Shanaaz Te Ahuru, Kiarhnie Atwell, Lauren Chambers
Goals – Lauren Chambers (3),

Giants – Tries – Amiria Edwards
Goals – Amber Spence

Player Of The Game – Fremantle Roosters #12 – Kiarhnie Atwell