Savannah Jets into Harmony Cup

Thoughts + Prayers Required for the McKeon Family

Story & Image provided by Broome Jets Rugby League Club

Sav, in the toughest of circumstances we know you’ll rise to the occasion with your unwavering cool and tough exterior. Please know the whole club is keeping you and your fam in our thoughts ?

Savannah McKeon is one of our super star Jets, who trains hard and plays ever harder. She recently turned 13 which meant she transitioned from mixed League to women’s only, so was unable to play in her own backyard at the recent 2019 NRL WA Junior North West Champs. Absolutely devastated, as she lives for League, Savannah plead her case to almost anyone who would listen, as did we. But, as player safety is paramount, there unfortunately aren’t exceptions to these rules.

Appreciating her passion, NRL WA presented an incredible opportunity for Savannah to play at Harmony Cup in Perth next month. Being the dedicated Dad he is, Savannah’s father Andy, accepted Savannah’s invitation to play. NRL WA very kindly shelled out for the airfares, allowing Andy to enter into a payment plan for the reimbursement, and ever since Andy has been running around town fundraising to assist with the costs associated with Savannah’s tour to Perth for the tournament.

Many of you would know Andy around town as the selfless single Father of 4 x girls. Unfortunately over the weekend, Andy had a very scary turn with his health and was airlifted to Perth with the RFDS to undergo multiple emergency surgeries. After a frightening weekend, where things were very touch and go, yesterday Andy has been roused from his medically induced coma. Whilst he is awake, smiling and talking, unfortunately he isn’t out of the woods, and has a very long road ahead.

As Andy is self-employed and the primary carer of his 4 x beautiful daughters, the strain on their family with his mounting medical expenses alone, will be immense. Whilst Andy should be focusing on his health and recovery, from his Critical Care Unit hospital bed he is panicked about getting Sav to Perth on Friday. He doesn’t want to let his big girl down, and nor do we.

Andy was midway through a 100’s club fundraiser for Savannah’s flights, when he presented unwell to hospital.

Yesterday a few special Broome people rustled around town to see how they can further assist ahead of Savannah’s departure to Perth on Friday, and we are very touched to share that the incredible team at the Broome Sports Association have made a donation of $500 to assist with Savannah’s tour to Harmony Cup.

On behalf of Savannah’s family, we’d like to extend the sincerest thanks to the BSA team, who all work tirelessly to benefit of the Broome sporting community, and yesterday was no exception. In very trying times, the positive impact this has on Sav and her family is immeasurable. Thank you!

After school tomorrow, the Broome Jets crew are taking Sav to Sportspower Broome to purchase her new boots, headgear and a mouth guard, to ensure that she heads down to the big smoke all ready to play.

On arrival into Perth, Sav will be joining the Oceania Under 14’s girls, under the direction of Lenoir Tairea, who has sought a donation to cover Sav’s tournament fees, meals for the tournament and her playing kit.

Though we’re yet to meet Lenoir and the Oceania team, over these last few days they’ve already become like family, doing whatever possible from their end to lighten the burden on Savannah and her family, in making her dreams of playing League possible.

We always say that the Broome Jets Rugby League is a club that creates strong players and an even stronger community, and this last few days is testament to the incredible people we have not only in our Rugby League family, but the strength of support in our whole local sporting community. THANK YOU!

We do kindly request that all members of our community keep the McKeon family in their thoughts, Andy who is still in critical care with a long road to recovery ahead, and Savannah who in stressful times, is breaking out of the Broome bubble and travelling to the big smoke to pursue an opportunity to play the game she lives for.

We know Sav will play with a lot of heart at Harmony Cup, doing her Dad, extended family, our club and our who local sporting community proud.