Sharpshooter Babington Reigns Supreme

It wasn’t the easiest conditions at MAGIC Round on the weekend, with the wind blowing and swirling, along with the threat of rain constantly around.

But six brave youngsters came out to Treeby Community & Sports Centre to try their hand at taking one of the competitions best in South Perth Lions Harry Debique.

In true Iceman fashion, Harry was deemed to go last, as all the pressure would be on him in the final stages.

Pos Club Kicker
1 Fremantle Roosters Gabriel Hei Hei
2 South Perth Lions Phil Saunderson
3 Kalamunda Bulldogs Te Moana Reedy
4 Joondalup Giants Leon White
5 Kwinana Titans Tane Barrett-Brown Smith
6 North Beach Sea Eagles Diesel Babington
7 South Perth Lions Harry Debique – Premiership

First up was the youngster of the group. Gabriel Hei Hei is only 14 years old and was up representing the home crowd. And he got us off to a great start, kicking 6 from 10 and really putting the rest of the field on notice with his great stint.

Next up was Phil Saunderson, a club mate of Harry’s from the mighty South Perth Lions. Not a normal kicker, he actually struck the ball really well but was unable to better Gabriel’s mark, and was a bit annoyed with the way he struck them.

Te Moana Reedy from the Kalamunda Bulldogs stepped up to the plate next and actually has a great kicking action. With an easy strike and beautiful follow through, he was a natural. Unfortunately he could only tie for the lead with Gabriel, as his radar was slighty off.

We thank Leon White for putting his hand up for the Giants, and while his kicking needs work, his love for the game and club showed with the U10s from the Giants stopping their warm up to cheer the kicker on in the contest.

With three kickers left, Tane Barrett-Brown Smith was the next to go. And out of all the kickers on the day, I can honestly say no one kicked it as hard or as far as this young man. He was almost kicking it into the houses across the street, with enough flight to kick goals from 60 metres out. Unfortunately his accuracy was lacking, which meant that 6 goals was still the mark to beat.

Up to the mark was our penultimate kicker, Diesel Babington, from the North Beach Sea Eagles. And as soon as he kicked his first conversion from the right touchline,  you knew he would be the one to beat. Even after faulting on another one, his precise routine along with his pure striking was great to watch. He had 6 with the last 2 from the left touchline to go, and he nailed both under pressure with the wind knocking his ball over many times, to give Harry a target of 8 out of 10 to catch.

Harry….. went really fast. Probably way too fast. Every kicker had 4 minutes to kick 10 goals. Harry still have 2:15 left after he had kicked his final ball. Heading into the last 2, he had 7, and needed to nail the final 2 to win and confine Diesel to 2nd place. But his first kick was slightly left, and a muffled final kick left Harry on 7!

And the winner, Diesel Babington!

Congratulations to Diesel, who is a new owner of some signed boots from Kieren Foran and Steve Menzies!

Congratulations to North Beach Sea Eagles, and all the clubs and kickers involved on the day!