State U15s North V South

WARL LOGO OCT12Well done to all that participated in Wednesday nights U15 State trial. The night was a great success and showcased excellent skills from Western Australias up and coming talent.

Congratulations to the following players that have made the North V South Representative teams.

North Team

  1. Jason Nicholls
  2. Tamba Lebbie
  3. Tylor Lee
  4. Amos Manu
  5. Simon Tabakanaca
  6. Chase Epiha
  7. Christian Smith
  8. Kawana Jones
  9. Tamati McPherson
  10. Jarrad Spencer
  11. Brody Whitehead
  12. Michael Ashworth
  13. Jesse Day
  14. Massie Zamiak
  15. Alec Campbell
  16. Damien Darlington
  17. Brody Mac Askill
  18. Chad Newby
  19. Mania Stockman
  20. Sam Clarke
  21. Charm Rameka

South Team

  1. Nathan Boffey
  2. Cameron Grimes
  3. Sam Hutchenson
  4. Sakaea Faafual
  5. Wirihana Huriwai
  6. Jayden Hocking
  7. Flame Kingi
  8. Joshua Zagari
  9. Tane Graham
  10. Braell Mio
  11. George Bates
  12. Lyric Tepou
  13. Brandon Wright
  14. Rahkeem Tuuta- Edwards
  15. Dylan Hutchins
  16. Mathew Jordan
  17. Te Meanor
  18. Destin Rollo
  19. Dylan Te Hauora
  20. Maleko Bartrop
  21. Keiren Crowe

The North V South Match will be held at Rockingham – Franklen Offshore Sports Complex on April the 27th. All Selected players MUST confirm attendance before COB Tuesday 9th April, WARL Ph:9228 9275 

A final training squad will be selected after the match. If selected, players must be avalible to train on Saturdays. Good Luck!