Sweet 6 Make Combined Affiliates States Merit Team

CAS Championships was back, and while it was missing some of its luster, the dominant Men’s team brought the trophy home after a few years in the wilderness. A sore spot with many of the squad after it was lost in 2019, we had 2 years of COVID interruptions before the chance to bring it back was finally realised in 2022.

And while there is no touring CAS side this year, a merit side was picked from the 3 days and the below players recieved that honour.

1 Ben McIntyre VIC 1
2 Ryan Woolley WA 2
3 Lehi Taomia VIC 3
4 Kani Solomon WA 3
5 Vili Cerei NT 15
6 Robert Butcher NT 19
7 Eddie Proudler WA 6
8 Bjorn Crotty WA 10
9 Andrew Jeffery WA 9
10 Takitau Mapapalangi VIC 10
11 Payden Porter WA 18
12 Alifileti Ngahe VIC 12
13 Lachlan Braun NT 13


From a WA perspective, we believe we could have filled the whole 13, and were incredibly dominant on the championship Day 3. But take nothing away from all the players in the squad, and WA starts the long process of getting back to going for 10 in a row.

Congratulations to all those selected!
How good is rugby league!