The 2013 WARL Team Of The Year – Who Will It be?


A long season comes to a close this Saturday as we begin the lead up to our night of nights, the Ken Allen Medal.

The following players have been shortlisted to be selected in one of each of the field positions in our 2013 WARL team of the year.

The players are as follows: Josh Simms, Rhys Peakman, Joss Boyton, Isaac Thomas, James Aspden, Kieran Timothy, Jason Godecke, Matthew Doeg, Ben Taylor, Taurean Sheehan, Joshua Upson, John Weber, Vincent Silulu, Hugh Mackey, James Blake, Tam Rereiti, Josh Upson, Klaisake Rauroro, Kale Burton, Luke Turner, Gareth Morgan, Michael Bray, Brandon Timlin, Wayde Kelly, Nathan Searle, Craig Richardson, Ryan Mills, Joshua Essex.

There are still tickets available for Ken Allen Medal Night 2013 so hurry and get in before time runs out!

You can book online at