The Goose Step – 2023 Top 20 Players Players – Men’s – 11-20

Welcome back to the Goose Step!

Following on from the Women’s list, we come to the first part of the Men’s.
So lets take a look at the Men’s list of the top 20 players players in our male premiership competition, starting with 20 to 11….

20. Kieran Tarrant – North Beach Sea Eagles – Second Row
Nickname – “One Tough Hombre”
Broken, battered and bleeding, Tarrant is just one of those guys who refuses to give in. Willing his body up for another tackle. Yet another run. He was the heart of the premiership run for the Sea Eagles. While his younger compatriots are getting all the praise for their ability with the ball, Kieran is a tireless worker who continues to show up and be counted. Willing those around him to be better and new heights, he is one tough hombre. Just gets the nod for 20th in front of club stalwarts Adam Roy & Tyrone Cranston.

19. Ezra Taomia – Fremantle Roosters – Second Row
Nickname – “The Rock Of Fremantle”
One of the first players picked week to week by his coach Delane, he is a rock for the southern club. Always playing at a high level, he is elite on both sides of the ball. With his late footwork, underrated speed, and super strength making him a devastating ball runner, he is also a reliable defender who can mark outside backs and in the middle of the field with ease. A softly spoken player, he lets his ability do the talking and gets through his work with no fuss.

18. Jaylen Grey – North Beach Sea Eagles – Centre/Wing
Nickname – “Saturday Night Fever”
No the nickname has nothing to do with him going out at all. When “Skinny” hits the field though, his array of footwork, goose steps, spins, sidesteps and jinks all come to the fore, in a “Travolta” like show where he literally dances on the grass. Add to this his above average strength, brilliant off the cuff skills, and I can do anything attitude, he was one of the aces that the Sea Eagles brought over this year and he delivered. Not to mention an outrageous CAS Tournament for the WA Men’s.

17. Davey Martin – Joondalup Giants – Halves/Fullback
Nickname – “The Unassuming Talent”
He may not look like much, but Davey Martin can really play the game. A brilliant unassuming talent, he can slot into any of the spine positions, including lock, and perform at a high level. A great running talent, he has a knack for flair and can come up with big plays when its needed and all on the line. Unafraid, he just takes the game on and really enjoys just being on the field. A tough as nails defender for his size, he has been a reliable cornerstone for the Giants in their big years.

16. Harry Debique – South Perth Lions – Fullback
Nickname – “The Iceman”
Coined by the Zac Spier in the 2021 grand final, Harry is all class and composure. A bit of a throwback player, much like Davey on this list, Harry is a quiet no nonsense character who just gets it done without any hoopla and fanfare. One of the best pure strikers of the ball in recent years, he doesn’t get enough credit for his running game and defensive awareness. One of the smaller players in our competition, never the less he is fearless and has no problems taking tough hit ups on early tackles.

15. Jarrad Smith – South Perth Lions – Lock
Nickname – “100 or Nothing”
No one personifies the saying “Like a bull at a gate” like Jarrad Smith. There is no give in the man. No second or third gear. No take it easy and warm into the game. Its 100 miles an hour. As hard as he can. From the minute the whistle sounds, till the end of the game. A superb competitor, he is comfortable in any forward position and will outwork and out want his opposition every time he steps on the field. A strong ball runner, defender with good skills, he just goes for everything everytime.

14. Luke Turner – Joondalup Giants – Winger/Centre
Nickname – “Mr Olympia”
Probably belonging on a body building magazine more so than a football field, Turner is an athlete in every sense of the word, who is a very good footballer. Very fast, with supreme balance and amazing strength, he has been the nightmare mark for wingers in the NRL WA for half a decade. He lives in the gym and is either working out, or outside working, and always puts himself in the best possible position to perform at his peak every weekend.

13. Joseph Po’uhila – Fremantle Roosters – Centres
Nickname – “Not Human”
Standing well over 6’3 in the old measurement, Joseph is not human. Usually one of the biggest guys on the field, his size is actually his second best attribute behind his freakish speed. An absolute speed merchant, he leaves other people in his wake, and has showed in devastating performances across his time here in WA, that his mix of size and speed is just out of this world. A handsome character, he is just the epitome of “some guys have all the luck”.

12. Julian Wilson Wylie – Fremantle Roosters – Front Row
Nickname – “The Bus”
This guy doesn’t need a new nickname. Coined since he came into first grade, “The Bus” is a get out of my way kind of character as he runs it off the back fence every time he touches the ball. Julz loves the contact part of the game, and is one of the most devastating ball runners in the competition. In that Moses Leota brand, he winds up quickly, and when he breaks through, is quicker than he is given credit for. A tough competitor on defence as well, he loves a big hit to get his team mates motivated.

11. Tom Murphy – Rockingham Sharks – Second Row
Nickname – “Mr One Percent”
Not the flashiest or the most skilful player to ever grace our game. Tom is all about the one percenters. His attention to detail, and making sure the little things don’t get missed are real strengths in his game. Covering from the inside, supporting the ball carrier. Taking tough carries into the teeth. Add to that 30-40 tackles a game, and you get a sense why the Sharks love having Tom around. A tough customer, he stays in the game the entire time the clock is ticking.

That’s the first part of the mens.
1-10 will be in tomorrows GooseStep.