The Goose Step – 2023 Top 20 Players Players – Women’s – 1-10

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As voted by the players.

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So lets take a look at the Women’s list of the top 20 players players in our female competition, finishing with 10 to 1….

10. Shiane Kani – Fremantle Roosters – Front Row/Second Row
Nickname – “Force Of Nature”
Kicking off the top 10 is one young lady who has made a name for herself as a try scoring forward. Almost impossible to stop close to the line, she is a brutal ball runner, scattering defenders with her power and massive fend. Quick for her size, she tends to confuse defensive lines before running straight over the top of defenders. Impossible to contend with one on one, opposing teams need to make note of her every time she enters the contest.

9. Melissa “Missy” Buchanan – Rockingham Sharks – Halves
Nickname – “The Evergreen”
The lone Shark on our top 20 list, Missy is getting better with age it seems. Only introduced to the tackle portion of our game late, she has an extensive background dominating on the touch football scene, and it seems age shall not weary them. A supremely talented ball player, she sees the game and space so well, and has amazing passing and kicking skills. But its her defence which has won her plaudits, with her no fear attitude and ability to get through the work that has impressed.

8. Amiria Edwards – Joondalup Giants – Back Row
Nickname – “The Rookie”
Rocketing into 8th place in the players player trophy, Amiria headlines a big group of young girls coming through the WA system. A devastating ball runner, who is aggressive and will not back down from any challenge, this 17 year old loved the confrontation Women’s afforded her. Always a good junior player, she has flourished this season, with her natural gifts allowing her to take the competition by storm. Very quick for her size, she made some good defenders look very average in her first year.

7. Zakiya Kereopa – Ellenbrook Rabbitohs – Centre
Nickname – “Weapon X”
The most dangerous outside back in the competition. That is the statement I am starting with here. Zakiya, who is affectionately known as “wee-girl”, is the hardest wide matchup in the game. Given space and time, she is a nightmare to handle. With her natural size, speed and footwork, she has the ability to beat defenders for fun and smile all the while doing it. A huge target for the Rabbitohs, she creates space for others by just being on the field. A true weapon on the edge.

6. Kateraina Horner – Fremantle Roosters – Second Row
Nickname – “The Natural”
Been out of the game for a couple of years due to a pretty catastrophic injury, Kateraina returned this year with a bang. A complete natural, she lost nothing of the skills that saw her win the players player award previously. A strong forward with good presence, she is super fast, and contains amazing late footwork which causes all sorts of problems for defenders. Normally playing full games, she is comfortable in the middle of the field or on an edge. With her ability to pass and offload, she really is a natural at this game.

5. Cheyenne Campbell – North Beach Sea Eagles – Front Row
Nickname – “Mrs Perpetual Motion”
This list was done at the end of the 2021 season, and Cheyenne is one of only two people to feature on it again two years later. At number 10, she has moved up to 5 on this list. The hardest runner in the game, she won the Women’s Player Of The Year this year while being permitted to the North Beach Sea Eagles. Playing full games in the middle of the field, she is an offensive juggernaut whos low centre of gravity and amazing speed allow her to rack up the tries. While not the fittest player ever, you do not want to be on the end of one of her defensive shots either.

4. Mahinarangi Clair – Ellenbrook Rabbitohs – Halves
Nickname – “All 4 One”
When you create a player on a video game, you normally try and create someone who is fast, strong, got all the skills, is smart, can defend and attack. Kick. Pass. Well that player is Mahinarangi Clair. It doesn’t really matter what position she plays, just get her on the field and tell her what you want and she will get it done. A brilliant all round player, who is quick enough to play in the backs, smart enough to play in the spine and tough enough to play in the forwards. She is an All 4 One type of player.

3. Anahera Te Rahui – North Beach Sea Eagles – Hooker
Nickname – “Quickest Hands In The West”
Like the gunslingers of old, to be a good hooker these days you need fast hands. Reliable hands that can really swing it out of dummy half. Anahera has a laser like pass, that is sometimes too good for her own team mates to catch. A complete hooker, she is super fast, and stronger than she looks when taking the line on. And while still young, she is able to pull apart defences on her own, while her team mates are trying to keep up with her. Also a rugged defender, she has really been a beacon for the Sea Eagles over the last two years and everyone has noticed.

2. Dallys Tini – Fremantle Roosters – Halves
Nickname – “The Skilled Surgeon”
The best true half in the competition, she was an absolute star for the Fremantle Roosters in 2023. Capable of controlling a game with her passing, running or kicking game, Dallys was a general on the field and a joy to watch. Living to the old adage of “run first” she had a brilliant running game, which included a ludicrous “show and go”. Fast and fit, she was the linchpin for the Roosters this season, and when injury hampered her, you could see the Roosters visually wilt. One of the most important pieces for Fremantle and WA moving into the future, she is still so young and has so much potential in front of her.

1. Anneka Stephens – Joondalup Giants – Lock
Nickname – “Mrs Incredible”
Only the second returning player on this list from 2021, “Neeks” has risen from number 4 to number 1 and rightly so. Our runaway winner of the Player’s Player trophy, Stephens is a true professional. Ex NRLW and our current state captain, she leads from the front and does all the little things well, as well as pulling off the big plays when need be. No less than 5 try assists in the grand final, along with 30+ tackles, she was the only choice for player of the grand final by the selectors. Anneka is an incredible player, and is setting the standard for the rest of the competition. A humble and brilliant ambassador for the game, she tops the heap in 2023.

And that’s a wrap for the Women’s Player’s Player list. Again its selected by the players during the regular season for 2023, and there are so many brilliant players on this list and off it in WA.

Lets hope for a bigger and better season in 2024!