The Goose Step – 2023 Top 20 Players Players – Women’s – 11-20

Welcome back to the Goose Step!

The season and the awards have all be handed out. State tours are over.
But if you ask most players, the award they love is the players player. Its the one voted by your peers. And recognise’s those players people love to play with, and hate to face.

So lets take a look at the Women’s list of the top 20 players players in our female competition, starting with 20 to 11….

20. Ariana Ruru-Hinaki – South Perth Lions – Outside Backs
Nickname – “The Vault”
Little Ari is a pocket dynamo who despite her size, causes all sorts of problems for defences. The only Lion on this list, she deserves her place amongst the top 20, with her better than average speed, quick footwork and safe as houses game play. Capable of playing anywhere in the backs and at hooker, she was a shining light for the Lions, and like her nickname, she never gives anything away.

19. Jeune-Kelly Biddle – Joondalup Giants – Halves/Fullback
Nickname – “The Ferrari”
Still new to the tackle version of the game, she made a bang this year playing fullback for the state side, and then slid into the halves for the Giants. Capable of going 0-100 in less than 3 seconds, her big weapon is her speed off the mark, hence the nickname. Although she was guilty of going sideways a bit this year, it was the time she straightened and caught defenders sleeping that turned her into a formidable force this season.

18. Haylee Hifo – Joondalup Giants – Fullback
Nickname – “Smooth As Silk”
Showing up after the season had started, she was a godsend to the Giants, and a crucial missing piece which allowed them to finally break their premiership hoodoo. Hifo is a silky fullback, with great playmaking skill and the ability to move across the ground with ease. Watching her play this year was a treat, as she was a total natural in and around the ball. A bonafide star, she floats across the ground in effortless and smooth play.

17. Topaz Porter – Joondalup Giants – Centre/Back Row
Nickname – “Jewel In The Rough”
One of the youth brigade from the Giants this year, Topaz is a jewel unrefined right now. The U18s Schoolgirls captain was a bit of a fix it player this year, playing in most positions across the field as she still gets a feel of what position suits her the best, especially in the Giants star studded lineup. But this “Jewel In The Rough” has plenty to give with her size and speed a difficult proposition for most opposition matchups.

16. April Alan – North Beach Sea Eagles – Fullback
Nickname – “Ms Evasion”
April may be one of the most elusive players we have ever had in our competition. Blessed with out of this world speed and footwork, she makes players miss for fun. What is even harder to believe is that it doesn’t even look like she is trying half the time, making players miss by only centimeters in both the tackle and tag forms of the game. With a good kicking game and the ability to just be where she needs to be, she deserves her place on this list.

15. Donalda Paekau – Fremantle Roosters – Centre
Nickname – “The Athlete”
You would never have guessed that this was Paekau’s first year in rugby league. But when your just the athlete that Donalda is it probably doesn’t really matter what sport it is. Strong, Fast with amazing footwork, she was one of the scariest players to match up with on pure athletic ability. Quicker than she looks, her speed off the mark was hard to deal with at the best of times. And while she struggled at the beginning of the year, her defensive presence towards the back of the year put her in elite status as a wide defender.

14. Hera-Barb Malcolm Heke – Ellenbrook Rabbitohs – Second Row/Front Row
Nickname – “The WA Jukebox”
The hits just keep on coming when this lady is involved. The most devastating defensive presence in the NRL WA, Malcolm Heke is power personified. Comfortable in the middle or on an edge, she is a powerful ball runner who takes a tonne of stopping when she gets going. But its her ability to smash someone in defence that makes the opposition take notice of where she is in the defensive line. Left or right shoulder, balanced up or off balance, it just doesn’t seem to matter. Players need to find their courage when Hera-Barb is around.

13. Mariah Bell – Ellenbrook Rabbitohs – Centres
Nickname – “Competition Personified”
Mariah is a gifted athlete. Blessed with good size, strength and speed, she has been playing this game for a while now and knows her way around a rugby league field. But what sets her apart from some of the others is her competitive nature. Her willingness to get involved where other players won’t. To sacrifice and push for just that little bit extra. She is a brash, fast talking and physical player who lets her opponents know they are in a game every second the clock is ticking.

12. Tiana Graham – Fremantle Roosters – Utility
Nickname – “Only God Knows”
Only God Knows how good Tiana Graham actually is and could be. Hampered by injury, sickness, moving back and forth across the country, work commitments and a plethora of other things, it stands to reason, will we ever see just how good young Tiana is. And the funny part is she is only 21 years of age. Still so young, her team mates and opponents alike know how good she is. Blessed with brilliant passing and kicking skills, her speed and footwork have set rugby league fields alight in WA. Can she get the best out of herself in the future?

11. Turiti Galiki-Koiatu – Ellenbrook Rabbitohs – Fullback/Centre/Halfback
Nickname – “The Road Runner”
She is the “blink and you miss me” speedster who terrorised not just the WA defensive lines this year, but caused a stir at the National Championships this year. With electric pace, she is also an amazing thinker and sees the space and gaps while the game is unravelling, which allows her to put herself in the best positions possible. With acceleration unmatched, and the ability to offload in the tackle, she is an almost impossible one on one mark.

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