The Goose Step – Junior Girls Grand Final Team Edition

Welcome to the Goose Step!
It’s Grand Final Week, which means we need to create some more hype right?

This editions Goose Step Star… Capri Beazley of the Joondalup Giants, who is an outright star in two different divisions.

Now there is going to be a Junior Grand Final Program, but with 8 female teams in the finals, this writer thought it would be fun to create a side from the 8 teams remaining from GLT, 13s, 15s & 17s girls.

Now anyone not on this list, please do not take heart as there are so many great players in our competition, and this is an arbitrary list for hype around our grand final. Also there are many players outside the grand final sides who are amazing players, but please bare with us as we only pick from the teams on Sunday.

Anyway, picking at least two players from every team lets get into it –

1. Fullback – Teiana Mainwaring – Ellenbrook Rabbitohs – U15 Girls
Teiana has beat out a score of amazing fullbacks to wear the number 1, and she thoroughly deserves it. She is the total package as a fullback in this day and age. With the ability to ball play when it is required, she possesses evasive techniques and a brash confidence that would make Billy Slater stand up and applaud. And effortless runner, she is fast in her economy of movement, and makes rugby league look like its easy. Watch her get involved early as they look to stamp their authority in the contest. While she can really make teams hurt, she is also super safe and rarely makes an errors. A first class fullback.

2. Wing – Maddison Mann – Fremantle Roosters – GLT
Scored the deciding try in a defence dominated game against the Lions last weekend, young Maddi is a classic example of League Tag pedigree. Her sister, and coach, Rebecca is a current member of the Rooster WLT, and mother Wendy a previous premiership winning player with the Roosters WLT. So this family bleeds blue and white as well as cries league tag tears. And Maddi might end up being the best of the bunch. A wicked turn of acceleration, she leaves defenders clutching at thin air and is also as safe as houses at the back for the Roosters side. A natural fullback, the young baller finds a spot on the wing here.

3. Centre – Palace Koia – Ellenbrook Rabbitohs – U13 Girls
The second fastest girl in Australia in the 100m hurdles for her age, and is also a member of the WA winning 100m relay side. Palace is straight up and down speed personified. A finely tuned Ferrari, she is a multi sport athlete, but gee we hope she picks Rugby League as a career. While she is fast, speed also equals power. Palace is a player who knows how to get the most out of her runs every time she touches the ball, and regularly leave defenders sprawled out behind her. Not to mention, her tackle efficiency is superb and if she gets you in her sights, you are going to have a difficult time beating her. A brilliant athlete who is electric to watch.

4. Centre – Journey Kereopa – Joondalup Giants – U17 Girls
“The X-Factor” of the group, Journey is an atomic bomb. The 17s Giants were gone two weeks ago. They had a player in the sin bin and they were too far behind to come back and win with no time left on the clock. Enter Journey. Like a powerful missile, she exploded at just the right time to impose her undeniable ability on the game and make a huge statement. She would be the senior leader in this backline, and what an amazing role model to have. A female version of Kotoni Staggs, she is all speed and power. A terrible match up one on one, she is the most devastating back in junior rugby league in this state and will be playing a major role this weekend.

5. Wing – Leona Yusia – Ellenbrook Rabbitohs – GLT
Last years Grand Final MVP, Leona has not skipped a beat. One of the fastest players in the competition, she can change direction at full speed and continue to gain pace. Comfortable in both the tag and tackle versions of the game, she is comfortable in any position in the back five. Watch for her defensive efforts in particular. A hungry competitor with true desire and an amazing ability to show up wherever the ball is, she is a huge part of why the Rabbitohs are the raging favourites in both the GLT and U15 Girls grand finals. 

6. Five-Eight – Rimu Pomare – Ellenbrook Rabbitohs – U15 Girls
A lot of the young girls playing this weekend have serious pedigree, and Rimu is no exception. Sisters Paihau and Trilleen are superstars in their own right, but some very smart people believe that Rimu is a beautiful combination of both of them. With Paihau’s speed off the mark and structured play, coupled with Trilleen’s power and ability to just turn it on when she needs to, Rimu is a fantastic player. A creative ball player, with the ability to hurt you with her running or passing, she possesses the best junior dummy this writer has ever seen.

7. Halfback – Bella Houghton – Joondalup Giants – U15 Girls
Carried the Joondalup Giants on her back last week, young Bella scored a hatrick and kicked three goals in their victory which got them into the grand final this weekend. Even though she was completely shattered after a mammoth performance in a full game, she held her nerve to play to the whistle, and score after the bell to tie the game up. And with the field silent, she nailed the ensuing conversion to send the parochial home crowd into raptures. Capable in any spine position, she might not be the fastest or strongest player on the field, but her football knowledge, calm temperament and obvious leadership skills make her a no brainer as the halfback.

8. Middle – Jessica Kaukau – Ellenbrook Rabbitohs – GLT
While this some might consider this cheating, in GLT your middles are ultra important. They resolve your ball movement, as well as making the majority of your tags. And Jessica is vital to the Rabbitohs GLT and U15s juggernauts. Ultra fit, with great ball skills and an ability to read the game 3 tackles in advance, she is one of those players that just ends up with the ball in her hands all the time. Jessica also has an ultra competitive streak which sees her take every challenge from the opposition personally and wills her to lead her team to greater heights. She will lead the defensive effort in both games she is involved in.

9. Hooker – Kylah-Rae Tuheke-Kupa – Ellenbrook Rabbitohs – U13 Girls
A bit of a utility player, Kylah’s unique blend of “in your face” power play, couple with her ability to make defenders miss, make her a no brainer for the hooker spot. Comfortable in any spot on the field, she is confrontational enough to be a physical presence in the middle of the field in both the U13 and U15 age groups. With the ability to both deliver from dummy half, or scheme and bolt from behind the play the ball, she is a danger on every single play. Comfortable with older players, having represented Brothers touch football open womens since she was 12, she has great football smarts for her age and knows what it takes to perform at a high level.

10. Prop – Sienna Hodges-Cekic – Joondalup Giants – U17 Girls
Just shading fellow forwards Porter and Edwards, Sienna is a brutal ball runner who thrives in the confrontational parts of the rugby league game. While a lot of girls use evasion techniques to dominate a game, Sienna makes contact on her terms and forces players to engage her space while they are off balance, which makes her a nightmare to tackle. Fit enough to cause issues at the end of the game, her ability to attract multiple defenders leaves her team mates with plenty of room to strut their stuff. A leader and dominant presence in any team she plays in, her ability to be a “follow me” type player sets her apart from others.

11. Second Rower – Peytton Wentholt – Joondalup Giants – U13s Girls
4 tries in a normal game against any opponent is a big deal. 4 tries in a semi-final, against the minor premiers in an extremely tight game, is herculean. A pure power centre or second rower, Peytton is the archetype athlete that we are seeing in the female game. Big. Strong. Fast. She has all the weapons you would expect of a rugby league player. Generating power from the ground up, when she gets in the clear she is very hard to catch. And then even if you can catch her, then you have to try and tackle her. With a wicked fend and amazing tackle technique, she is a nightmare match-up for other sides and will be looking to cause havoc this weekend.

12. Second Rower – Chloe Amataiti – Kwinana Titans – U17 Girls
Reminiscent of a young Kezie Apps, she is all stride and length. A tall rangy second rower, Chloe only knows one way, and only one speed. A handful in contact, her height and speed make her incredibly hard to tackle as it is. But Chloe is one of those rare players who actually speeds up when shes getting close to contact, increasing her velocity. And the result is usually a car crash, where Chloe comes out the other side, and multiple bodies a sprawled on the ground in front of her. Still only 15 years old, she is a mammoth talent and will be one of the players of the future to watch and nurture in the NRL WA competitions.

13. Lock – Phoenix Mahaki – Kwinana Titans – U17 Girls – CAPTAIN
First of all, Phoenix could play in any position on the field. From fullback to front row, she has the speed, size and ability to play absolutely anywhere. The most complete player in the game, she is smart and dangerous. Another female opens tough superstar, her time in the Fremantle system has made her see the game in slow motion. Always taking the ball on the advantage line, Phoenix also coordinates all her team mates around her on the fly. Stronger than she looks, her natural speed and agility are super intimidating for multiple defenders, let alone one on one. Close to the line, she is unmarkable, and if you commit too many defenders, she is one of the few players in the female game who can throw a perfect long ball to an awaiting team mate. A natural leader, with communication and organisational skills above her years, she was an easy choice for the captains role.

14. Utility – Capri Beazley – Joondalup Giants – U13s Girls
While Bella might have been the hero in the U15s last week, a young dynamo was involved in everything. Flashing around the field in bright blue head gear, Capri has the heart of a lion wrapped up in a tiny frame. Only 13, she threw herself into the fray at every single chance she got. With great acceleration, stealthy footwork and strength well above her diminiutive size, she has a massive future in the game and continues to improve everytime she takes the field. An epic talent in the U13s age group, watch for her involvement on both sides of the ball this weekend.

15. Forward – Manawanui Tuhakaraina – Joondalup Giants – U15s Girls
Manawanui is the Giants U15s enforcer, and for them to have a chance this weekend, they will need a huge game from her. Their natural forward leader, she is an extremely dominant ball carrier, with speed to go with her obvious power game. Capable of being a ball playing forward, she will need to be right on her game to go with the dominant Ellenbrook pack this weekend. While still only 14 years old, her team mates will look to her to get them on the front foot from the first minute of the game right till the last minute.

16. Middle – Jaylene Vosota – Fremantle Roosters – GLT
Jaylene is the workhorse in the Roosters Girls League Tag team, and naturally she would end up in the middle of the field for them. She tops the hit up and tag counts almost on a weekly basis, and can score a try right down the middle of the field if your not careful. With a nice long stride, while it can take a step or two for her to get going she can really hammer down if given room to move. With an easy lateral movement, she makes a dangerous ball runner along with a very capable defender in any situation. Armed with a smile, she will show up time and time again for the whole length of the game and is a beacon for her team mates when the going gets tough.

17. Back – Rosie McGehan – Joondalup Giants – U17 Girls
Well we had one more spot to give, and it goes to the indomitable and undeniable talents of Rosie McGehan. While she is primarily a spine player or back, she can literally do it all and would be an automatic pick in any representative team. She understands the game better than most players with years more experience than her, and her competitive nature along with her natural gifts alone sets her apart. But it is her “Jordan” mentality that sets her apart from her contemporaries. What is that you ask? When the game is on the line. In the dying stages. Jordan wanted the ball. He never shied away from the contest and held no fear in making a mistake. And Rosie has this in spades.

I hope you enjoyed the write up. It will be an amazing weekend for girls rugby league!
Boys coming up next this afternoon…..