The Goose Step – Junior State Championships – Player Spotlight

The GooseStep is back!
Another great year coming up in 2023 of rugby league action in Western Australia.
With the Junior State Championships literally on the horizon tomorrow, we take a look at a couple of players to watch out for from the respective teams. Remember we can’t talk about everyone, but we try to pick a couple of players who can cause a shake this weekend.

The JSC Program will be out online tomorrow, so keep your eyes open for that one.

13s Boys
Invitational – Levi Jetta – Outside Back –
Our poster boy for the GooseStep today. One of the Jetta clan, Levi lines up next to his younger brother this weekend, Jhye, and will be one of those fleet footed outside backs to keep an eye on. With his family having huge ties in the touch football arena, Levi is quickly making a name for himself as a tough, no nonsense footballer with some serious flair. Fast, with great footwork and a talent for reading the game, he can cover any position from fullback to halfback. And don’t let his slight frame fool you. This kid can hold his own.

Northern Fusion – Leilyn Herewini-Kapea – Hooker/Lock – Leilyn went viral as an 8 year old on The Roar for his defensive technique, and still continues to be one of the bigger textbook hitters in any rugby league you will see. And as a 13 year old, his team will look to him as the main leader in a very young group. A strong ball runner and rugged defender, its his ability to see space with the ball in hand that sets him apart. His greatest strength is making those around him play better, which is key in this team sport.

South West Dolphins – Cooper Bilsborough – Fullback/Halves – Its funny when you say a player who is 13 years old is a complete student of the game and actually mean it, but Cooper is just that. A fanatical rugby league player, from a dedicated rugby league family, young Cooper can breakdown a game like few people can. A smart tactical player, he possesses all the tools to tear apart an opposition team, and is capable enough to change something that isn’t working. A bright future in the game, the Sharks supremo is one to watch.

Southern Pride – Blaise Stewart – Anywhere – The Cameron Munster of our field, the key with Blaise is just to put the kid on the field and let him goto work. While diminutive in stature, young Mr Stewart has absolutely no fear and will run through a brick wall or tackle an oncoming freight train. But his greatest strength is his humble attitude and his supreme faith in his own abilities. Never one to be negative or down, he doesn’t care about the score and continues to play at 110% from the time the whistle blows till the buzzer sounds at the end of the game.

15s Girls
Northern Fusion – Terina Te Tana – Halves – One of the few young women in our competition with a fantastic kicking game, young Te Tana is a rare find. A nice combination of skill and power, she reads the game well and possesses a running and passing game that always keep opposition teams guessing. But she is also a tough as nails defender who is super capable on the edge defence as well as being able to hold her own in the middle. While she is surrounded by some mega talent, it will be up to her to link all the players around her together in this capable side.

South West Dolphins – Te Whai Huriwai-Brown – Utility – A supremely talented rugby league player, Huriwai-Brown is a follow me type of leader. Never one to shirk the work, she wouldn’t ask anyone around her to do something she wasn’t willing to do herself. Strong ball carries and lots of defensive work are her trademark, and she is one of the premier players in her age group. Tough as nails and skilful to boot, she is the complete package on the rugby league field.

Southern Pride – Isabella & Emmilea Prior – Halves/Backs – The talkative twins from Willagee are great prospects in the female game. Full of life and energy, even talking to them sometimes makes me tired, but their happy go lucky attitude is infectious and causes those around them to smile as well. On the field, they are just as talkative, always urging their team mates on, and being twins they complement each other well. With good ball skills and serious acceleration and speed, they are adept ball runners and able to setup players around them. Definitely a duo to watch.

15s Boys
Invitational – Darcey Gane – Lock/Utility –
One of the most honest players you will ever meet on the rugby league field, Darcey is as trustworthy and reliable as they come. Would play any position asked without any hesitation and would stand in front of Jason Taumalolo at full steam if he was the only one who could stop him. Personifies effort and a willingness to compete that rubs off on everyone around him, he is a staple in the Invitational sides of recent times and has developed into a true leader of his peers.

Northern Fusion – Jahziah Niwa-Siolo – Front Row – A naturally quiet soul, young Niwa-Siolo will need to harness every bit of power, speed and skill he possesses to lead from the front this weekend. A monster with the ball in hand, and with a penchant to get through the work in defence, he has the chance this year to go to the next level. A player others look up to, metaphorically and literally, Jahziah possesses a great turn of speed for his size, and the ball skills that most backs dream of.

South West Dolphins – Tamarau Haimona – Halfback – In this writers opinion, when Tamarau is on his game, he is one of the most talented junior players in the last few years. A calm demeanor and the ability to read the game like few others can, he sees things before they happen and is able to act on it with an assured attitude far beyond his years. With a sound kicking game, and the ability to take the line on and setup those players around him, alot of this weekends results will ride on this talented players shoulders.

Southern Pride – Jacob Scoon – Fullback – It is not often that the word “graceful” is used to describe a player in as brutal a game as rugby league, but for young Jacob it really rings true. The young fullback from the Bulldogs just makes this game look easy as he effortless glides across the ground. Containing top flight speed, along with the ability to beat defenders with a brilliant combination of footwork, power and acceleration, he is a joy to watch, and would be a nightmare to defend.

Looking forward to a big weekend of junior rugby league action!
Get down to Treeby Community & Sports Centre, Treeby, from Friday the 14th, for all the action starting at 8:30am.