The Goose Step – Senior Women’s Grand Final Team Edition

Welcome to the Goose Step!
It’s Senior Grand Final Week, and with the program being out as well, and the juniors one of this being a hit we went there again!

This editions Goose Step Stars…. the Ken Allen Ladies Team Of The Year….sorry the graphic missed some, but your all legends in my book!

With 4 female teams in the finals, this writer thought it would be fun to create a side from the 4 teams remaining, picking 3 players from each team

Now anyone not on this list, please do not take heart as there are so many great players in our competition, and this is an arbitrary list for hype around our grand final. Also there are many players outside the grand final sides who are amazing players, but please bare with us as we only pick from the teams on Saturday.

Anyway, picking at least three players from every team lets get into it –

1. Fullback – Arnika Cave – Joondalup Giants – Women’s Premiership
Arnika gets the nod at the back, with a stellar cast on the back of her basically being thrust into one of the most important roles…. and absolutely dominating from the outset. A big fast athlete, “Wilson” as I like to call her courtesy of an incorrect team sheet sent through to a media team one night, Arnika can really jam. A newbie from rugby league heartland over in Queensland, she loves this game, and throws herself into every contest. Doesn’t mind a bit of push and shove either. Supremely talented and still very young.

2. Wing – Hayley Utia – Joondalup Giants – Women’s League Tag
Being a pure ball runner, Hayley is a run first and pass….. 70th kind of player. Taking the line on often, she is a constant threat from anywhere on the field courtesy of her lighting acceleration and brilliant top speed. Her footwork and hip swing before the line is as quick as a flash and we cannot wait to see her get into the clear and in a foot race with some of the quickest players out there this weekend. A real competitor, she absolutely hates losing and will try and score every second that clock is ticking.

3. Centre – Tiegan Higgins – Fremantle Roosters – Women’s League Tag
Higgins is an electric type of player, person and personality. She isn’t everyones cup of team, and she will either invigorate you and give you a buzz, or infuriate and shock you. But she loves it that way. On the field she is a… well no other way to say this, but a rascal… (you thought I was going to say the other thing right…). Contact, holding position at marker, giving a gobful. But she is also super talented. Incredibly fast and fit, she can take the game away from you in an instant. An absolute workhorse on both sides of the ball, she is a legend in this game. 

4. Centre – Bobbie-Lee Barker – Ellenbrook Rabbitohs – Women’s Premiership
In the powerful, dominating Ellenbrook Rabbitohs team, their is this 3 foot tall kiwi centre who constantly is a thorn in the side of opposition teams. Barker is the energiser bunny out in the centres. A running threat, she is so much stronger than she looks and constantly break arms tackles on her way to big runs. Happy to be wide running or mixing it up in the middle, the amount of times she ends up out the other side is crazy. And her defensive technique is amazing. Constantly takes opponents ankles away from them, she is an absolute beast, with a heart bigger than her frame.

5. Wing – Elle Warren – Joondalup Giants – Women’s League Tag
Well I questioned her speed in the newsletter about 6 weeks ago. Since then, she has score about 8 runaway 100 metres tries as a big statement of “is that what you think Goosey?”. But its actually not her outrageous pace that is so impressive. Her ball handling skills have set her apart these days as she has matured into a ball player, not just in the tag game, but also on the tackle side. While still a devastating ball runner, she is a vocal and organising leader for the Giants and while we didn’t find a spot in the halves here, she still gets on the wing as a utility. 

6. Five-Eight – Shanaaz Te Ahuru – Fremantle Roosters – Women’s League Tag
The Women’s League Tag player of the year, Te Ahuru is an outright beast in Women’s League Tag. Runner. Ball Player. Defensive machine. She can literally do it all, and just scores tries for fun. A more natural leader these days as well, she has such a relaxed manner and has a way to calm all of those around her. With those intangibles to go with her natural speed, skill and ability to read the game she is a dominant player in WLT and can turn it on in an instant. I actually was on the receiving end of this in a mixed touch game a few years back, and decided mixed touch was not for me anymore. A genuine good person off the field, she will be bringing the heat this saturday. 

7. Halfback – Taylor Kerr – Fremantle Roosters – Women’s League Tag
TK is a complete natural. While injuries and being a mum have gotten in the way in recent seasons, she continues to show the way for ball players in this competition. With brilliant position and passing skills on both sides of her body, she, along with Traynor, are natural vocal talkers in this side and are urging everyone around them to better themselves. An incredible player and amazing general, she is still quicker than the average player and can steal a try off you if your not careful.

8. Prop – Lana Hawkings – Joondalup Giants – Women’s Premiership
Another one of the Mum’s in our lineup, she is one of those players that everyone hates to play against, but loves to play with. A perfect attitude as a prop forward, she doesn’t take a backstep for anyone and is quite happy to do the tough stuff, get up, dust herself off and go again. A combatitive player, she has no issues being the enforcer for the Giants and is continually looking for work on both sides of the ball. A thorn in the side of other teams, she will be a leader for the Joondalup girls in terms of her attitude and belief they can win no matter what.

9. Hooker – Anneka Stephens – Joondalup Giants – Women’s Premiership
Yes I cheated here. Neeks is a lock. But she played NRL W as a hooker and thats how I’m basing my decision making here. A professional in every sense of the word, she could play any position on the field and still give you a maximum out put. The Queen of the one on one steal, she is also a rugged defender and good ball runner. But its the mental aspect of the game she excels at. She plays like a chess grand master, with moves and counter moves against her opponents. A beacon for her team, they will run the majority of their plays through her this weekend.

10. Middle – Aynslee Henry – Fremantle Roosters – Women’s League Tag
Your middles do all your dirty work in League Tag. They make all your tags, and do all your hitups to get you where you need to be, and Aynslee does it all with absolutely no complaints. A veteran in this Roosters team, she does all her work without any writeups or hype, but respect is given where its due and she has been a faithful servant through many different periods in her life and deserves her due. A real team person, who shows up when the game is on the line, she can ball play with the best of them when there is need as well.

11. Second Rower – Shenae Gillmor-Spence – Joondalup Giants – Women’s League Tag
The tall rangy backrower is the linchpin in the Giants league tag side. The best defender in the competition, she has a knack for making difficult tags look easy, and then back up again to get the next one. A cover defender for days, this has translated in her willingness to work in the tackle side of the game, and the sky seems to be the limit for her in both forms of the game. A strong ball runner and distributor in her own right, her tactical nous in Tag is up there with the elite of the game and has an unmatched desire to win every contest, on and off the field.

12. Second Rower – Ariana Hira-Herangi – Ellenbrook Rabbioths – Women’s Premiership
Ariana is one of the scariest propositions in the local competition. While off the field she is a lovely person, uncapable of hurting a fly and looks to help all those around her reach their goals, on the field she transforms into one of the most dominant edge players in recent memory. A powerfully built second rower and centre, she is very fast for her size, with amazing footwork and the mental and physical fitness to go after her opposition in every single play. NRL W please watch her and sign her up, because she is one of the most ready players we have seen for a while.

13. Lock – Mahinarangi Clair – Ellenbrook Rabbitohs – Women’s Premiership – Captain
The Women’s Players Player this season, Mahina has gone to another level this year. Along with Juraea Turner, Clair had to pick up some of the slack that disappeared when Thompson left, and both of them have really stepped up. Leadership wise Clair has been immense, but she seems to be playing with a chip on her shoulder and she hits harder than anyone else in the competition. While she is super fit, her mental desire to out work everyone sets her apart. In one game alone last year, I clocked her as having made 44 tackles, 12 hit ups and 19 support plays… in 60 minutes of football. Which is absolutely incredible. With her spirit on show, and leadership to the fore, she is an easy pick for the captaincy here.