The Goose Step – Top 10 Players Player – Men’s Premiership

Welcome back to the Goose Step!

And here we are again, this time ticking off the top ten 2021 Men’s Fuel to Go & Play  Premiership players as voted by the players. Let the count down begin…

10. Mason Hiko – South Perth Lions – Forwards
Nickname – “The Heart-Throb”
Okay lets get this out of the way. The guys is an Adonis. You know he is good looking when a bunch of guys get together and admit it to each other. Outside of that, the guy can really play. An amazing front or back rower, his ball running in 2021 was next level and to maintain his fitness while working away was bordering on heroic. Possessing the will to keep digging, a great running game and underrated offload, he continued to poke his nose through defensive lines all season for the Lions.


9. Tuakana Rangihaeata – Fremantle Roosters – Hooker
Nickname – “The Kid”
Could otherwise be known as “The Mouth”, Tuakana is one of those players that never goes away in a game. Constantly talking, pestering and going after opposition players, he lacks no confidence and believes in his ability. Stronger than he looks, he stands up in the middle with the big boys and takes no backward step. Possessing good game sense and ability to recognise game changing situation, he has an impressive apprenticeship at Fremantle. Hopefully he can hang around rugby league and become a leader at the Roosters.



8. Dave Wilson – Fremantle Roosters – Utility
Nickname – “The British Beserker”
A larrikin off the field and quite the character, on the field Dave is an absolute hurricane. Attacks the game every second of every minute while the clock is ticking, it makes no difference what position you put him in. Whether its in attack or defence, he does everything at 100 miles an hour. While probably not the most graceful or intelligent player you’ve ever watched, you know your going to get someone who will literally run through a brick wall for the guy standing next to him in Dave. A scary proposition for any opponent.



7. Travis Haney – Joondalup Giants – Winger
Nickname – “Land Of The Brave”
It takes amazing courage to step into a first grade competition at a sport you’ve never player. At the start of the season, Travis didn’t have much of a clue what he was up to. Relying on his natural athleticism to get him through the opening rounds, at some stage in the middle of the season, it was suddenly like it all clicked for the speedster. And boy was it sensational to watch. Capable of breaking a game wide open, Joondalup possessed the most dangerous wing combination in the competition in 2021, along with Luke Turner. Travis contains an explosive 40 metre burst, along with amazing balance, and an intense knowledge of how to get the most out of his strength and speed combined. He can only get better in 2022, as he holds no fear.


6. Beau White – Joondalup Giants – Front Row
Nickname – “Mr Yes”
Need someone to take a hitup. Beau’s your guy. Need someone to make 4 tackles back to back. Beau puts his hand up. Front rowers are hurt and you need someone to play 80 minutes. He has got you covered. Lose an outside back? No issues bro. Beau does whatever you need, and his opposition players have noticed. Underrated recently, he has come along in the last few seasons becoming one of the main men in the giants forward pack. With a huge work rate and no fear, he would easily be the most improved player in the 2021 season. Unfortunately it was cut short due to a shocking leg injury, we hope to see him back on the field in 2022.


5. Josh Benjamin – North Beach Sea Eagles – Second Row
Nickname – “The X Factor”
Josh isn’t the hardest working forward at the Sea Eagles. Isn’t the fittest. Or the fastest. Probably not the most powerful either. But when the game is on the line and you need something, he is the guy. Possessing footwork and speed the belies his experience playing in the centres he is a complete handful for right edge defenders. In games last year when North Beach looked gone, he literally dragged them back into the contest with a trademark attacking run. An amazingly positive player as well, he is a great leader and everyone around him becomes a better player. Rumours of retirement have come up in 2022, but it would be a waste if its true.



4. Delane Edwards – Fremantle Roosters – Anywhere
Nickname – “The Platinum Trophy”
If you own a Playstation, there is a trophy system for most games. When you have completed a game 100%, not just the story, but all the side missions, all the multiplayer games, and basically spent your life doing everything you could possibly do, the game will sometimes grant you a Platinum Trophy. Thats Delane. He has done it all. He has played every single position, and done it better or as good as anyone else. Won titles, a Ken Allen Medal. Coached. Played. Is the most successful WA representative and captain of all time. He has the complete game. And even at his age he isn’t slowing down. Can hurt you with a run. With a pass. A kick. The way he analyses the game is second to none and he will be a first ballot Hall of Fame in WA when he finally hangs up his boots. You’ll notice that his position is anywhere. He isn’t just a utility.


3. Ed Proudler – South Perth Lions – Halves
Nickname – “Mr Consistency”
The definition of consistent is acting or done in the same way over time. And for over a decade, through the injuries and setbacks, Eddie’s has continued to do the same thing over and over again. His best and worst games are so close to each other, its hard to imagine what a bad game looks like from the amazing half. Possessing a stubborn streak that won’t allow him to give up, he contains an amazing running game and ability to control a game that grinds a team into the ground. A good kicking game accompanied by a cheeky on field attitude, Proudler is an astute student of the game. His understanding of his opposition and his team mates around him make him an incredibly rare player.



2. Bowman Stein – North Beach Lions – Lock
Nickname – “The Future”
In 2021, Bowman Stein exploded. He was going to be good, we can admit that. But could anyone imagine just how good. A switch from hooker to lock, and he took the competition by storm. And by some very good judges, he was inches away from claiming the big individual trophies. But it was still a career year for the young tyro. A premiership along with the Ron Hudson medal for best on field in the grand final, the kid literally was in everything. Hitups and tackles aplenty, Bowman was a tornado on the field this year, showing up all over the place. Throw in some left field abilities, like a cheeky drop goal, and a serious turn of pace, he is the next generation of multi faceted players who continue to show up younger and younger these days. Incredibly fit, he just goes all game.


1. Taurean Sheehan  – Joondalup Giants – Lock
Nickname – “The Guy You Want To Play With”
When you speak to people and ask them the qualities of someone they want to play with, they usually spout these characteristics. Fit. Fast. Strong. Never say die. Smart. Would run through a wall for you. A real leader. Communicates well. A teacher. Inspires people. Taurean is all this and more. Rightfully voted the best player in the game by the referees and the players in 2022, he was immense for the Giants in the last two seasons. An 80 minute player in every sense of the word, he remains locked in to the game 100% from the start of the game right until the end. One of the true gentleman of the game in WA, he has immense experience and is one of the most respected players in WA. Coaching and playing in 2022 will represent a new challenge for the stalwart, but he is more than up to the it.